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april's fool

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What's your best April Fool's Day prank? To walk down the street and spot someone who looks kind of douchy and look at the straight in the eye, make really awkward eye contact and be like and then you watch them be really paranoic and target people who are clearly on dates you tie a ballon to a tire and so when someone backs up, the balloon pops An empy bowl of cereals, i put pasta and legos and in the morning they pour milk in their legos Go to local food establishments that have drive thrus, that are generally fast food establishments and put up a sign that says 'sing happy birthday to our employee __' I think the first one was Abraham and get a free happy meal' So we would wait for people and they'd sing happy birthday into the thing and then one time we did it at a burger king and the manager came out with a bat and started hitting our car I have an empty tube of toothpaste that i hold on to for some April's Fool Day and I was in my room thinking, 'what can i fill this up with?' and put it in somebody's shelve It totally works, the celofan on the toilet sit put it on like first thing in the morning, before everyone has woken up and they're all like 'ahh!!', cause they pissed all over themselves it's awesome. I told my mom I was pregnant, I let it go for a week because I wanted her to really believe me She was freaking out and I was like 19 She was like, 'fuck, Lucy. You have to take off school and do this and that. And I was like, I know mom but I gotta keep it'. There's a spider in your hair.

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Posted by: missionlocal on Apr 2, 2010

april's fool

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