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architecture project 2010-2011 ppt's presentation

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Hello,my name is Dayana I'm 14 years old. And my favourite building is the Forum Building. The architects are Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron They were born in Switzerland in 1950 in Basilea. They both studied at the same school of architecture. In 1978 they began to work together. They are teachers at the University of Hadvard They founded their architecture firm in Basilea. Awards and prizes. In 1996 They were awarded the Max Beckman by the city of Frankfurt. In 1999 they recieved the Shock Prize by the committe of the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts. In 2001 they recieved the Pritzer Prize. In 2006 the Gold Medal of the RIBA. The Forum Building. The base is triangular in shape. It mesures 180 meters on each side and 25 meters in height. It's located in Forum,in Diagonal Avenue. More Buildings. This is the Walker Art Centre. It's a contemporanium museum. It was built between 1999 and 2005. It's located in Minneapolis,USA. The Phillharmonic Hall. It will be a concert hall. It's not completed.In 2012 it will been completed. It mesures 110 meters high. This is the Beijing National Stadium. It's located in China. It was built between 2003 and 2008. It mesures 90 meters high and 330 meters long. In 2008 the Olympic Games were here. The Allianz Arena. It's a football stadium. It's located in Munich,Germany. It was built between 2002 and 2005. It mesures 258 meters long and 50 meters high. This is The CaixaForum. It's an art showroom. It's located in Madrid,Spain. It was built between 2001 and 2004. And it's sponsored by "La Caixa" Hello, my name is Diego and my favourite building is Hotel Porta Fira Hello, My name is Toni. My building is the Gas Natural Company Tower. The Tower is localed in Barcelona Between Salvat Papaseit Street and Pinzon Street. The building has got two parts: A glass of tower and another building perpendicular. The long tower has got 20 floors and twenty-two thousand square meters. The building was built in 2005. One part it belongs to Colonial and the other part it belongs to Natural Gas. It's been designed by Enric Miralles. He was born in Barcelona in 1955 and he died in 2000. He studied in the Polytechnic University of Catalunya. He makes lots of buildings: The control tower of the airport of Alicante. The Edimburgh Scottish Parliament. The Modern art museum of Helsinki. And The brigde for NestlĂ©. My name is Lucero. I from Peru. I'm 14 years old. My favourite building is Media Pro. Media Pro it was built in 2005. It's located in avenue Diagonal [email protected] in Barcelona. The building is very modern and big. It's been designed by Carles Ferrater, Patrick Genard and Xavier Marti Carles Ferrater was born in Barcelona in 1944. In 1997 title obtained architect from the school of Architecture of Barcelona in January. In 1987 obtained his dotorate thesis in April with the singular work: on going process. In 2000 He joined as associate architect in the study the Lucia Xavier and Marti Ferrater. The more buildings. Roca Barcelona Gallery. It was built in 2008.It's located in Barcelona. Is a private area. Hotel Rey Juan Carlos 1. It's located in avenue Diagonal in Barcelona. It is a five stars hotel. Barcelona Botanical Institute. It was built between 2001- 2002. It's located top the garden botanical of Barcelona. Edificio Vertex. It was built between 2003 - 2007. It's located in Barcelona. It is a 68-story housing. Hotel Mandarin It was built between 2009-2010. It's located in Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona and that's it. Hello, my name is Elina and this is my favorite architect Dominique Perrault Dominique Perrault was born in 1953 and he is a french architect He recived his diplom in architecture in Paris in 1968. He became very famous for the design of the French National Library. He currently have Dominique Perrault architect agency in Paris. In 2000 he opened the study in Luxemburg and he made Cort of Justicy in Edinburgh. The most important and famous building is Bibliteque French in Paris. And other famous building are Velodromo in Berlin and La caja magica in Madrid. Other building are Fuentes of Perrault and University of Etha in South Corea. That's it.

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students talk about favourite buildings and architects

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