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SpaceVidCast 2.31

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♪ SpaceVidcast Theme Music ♪ (Ben) Welcome to the most passionate live show about space! ... on the internet. Yeah, because we can't compete with Gary V, I'm just telling you that right now. Because we're ... we just can't. In the passion department, I think Gary V may have us up one. (Cariann) Oh well. (Ben) We are Benjamin and Cariann Higginbotham. We are your SpaceVidcasters and you have joined us for what is bound to be one of our most mediocre shows ever. This is ... [Cariann laughs] (Ben) Baseline right across the board, just straight across. (Cariann) That's terrible! (Ben) Well, no, the real show that you want to be at is actually next week. So, just go home now, just stop watching, (Cariann) Listen to a different podcast, actually John Cleese is doing something on a different channel. It's awesome! (Ben) Next week we have got, live via Skype, Sky ... Sky? [Shakes head] Sy Liebergot. (Cariann) There you go! (Ben) Geez, hard to say! He will be joining us. He was one of the EECOMs for the Apollo era and he was EECOM during Apollo 13. So you can see that October 23rd at 2 AM UTC. And right there you the screen you can see a URL to CG publishing, which is Apogee Books, and you can buy his book, "Apollo EECOM" and give it a quick read before the show and come up with some really good questions because we have this awesome integrated chat room at the bottom. So we ask your questions via the live chat room. I'm ignoring you all now, but ... live chat room, and via twitter so when he's online, you can ask whatever you want. I mean he was there in the thick of it. (Cariann) Right, and it is a relatively quick read, there's lots of different pictures, (Ben) It's a picture book! (Cariann) No, but I mean like Buzz Aldrin's new book is like this! Ya know? And so this is a little bit thinner, there's lots of different pictures, but he writes really well, he's very engaging, he's very down to earth, he's not very clinical about the whole thing. It's sort of like, "and then I thought oh crap!" You know! (Ben) Actually he captured me in the first, I would almost want to say it was the first paragraph, but certainly within the first chapter because he kind of bounces through time in a very unique way. And it's a really interesting way of storytelling and I clearly enjoyed the book and I'm excited to have him on next week! So, you can check us out next week!

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Duration: 48 minutes and 37 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: Benjamin Higginbotham
Director: Adam Jochum
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Posted by: spacevidcaster on Oct 25, 2009

We cover space news for the week of October 11th to the 17th, 2009 in this live epic-sode. We also talk a bit about cross contamination of planets.

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