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Changing a User's Roles

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Changing a User’s Roles with Amber Matz In this tutorial, we’ll walk through how to change a user’s roles. By the end of this tutorial, you will understand how to change or add roles to a given user, either by editing a single user or applying a bulk operation. To follow along, you should understand the concept of users, roles, and permissions, and the user account you want to update, and the role you want it to have must exist on your site. See the written version of this tutorial for links to the prerequisite tutorials. In the Manage administrative menu, navigate to People, which is the admin/people path. First, let’s ensure that User 1 has the Administrator role assigned to it. We can see the roles listed here and we can verify that the admin role does indeed have the Administrator role. I’ve created a new user named amber, and I want to assign this user the administrator role. I can locate this user easily because I have such a short list of users on my site. But if you were dealing with a long list of users, you could use the filter Name or e-mail contains to quickly locate the user you want to edit. I’ll select Edit under Operations, next to the user amber. I’ll scroll down, and under Roles, I’m going to check Administrator, then Save. I get a message saying The changes have been saved, and I can see that the Administrator role has been added to the user amber. We can also update roles using bulk editing. Bulk editing actions appear under this Action drop-down list. I need to add the Vendor role to the Happy Farm user. First, I’ll check the box next to the user. Then, under the Action drop-down, I’m going to Add the Vendor role to the selected users. Then, I’ll click Apply to selected items. Now I can see that the Vendor role has been added to the Happy Farm user. In this tutorial, we walked through the steps of how to change or add roles to a given user, either by editing a single user or by applying a bulk operation.

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Changing a User's Roles

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