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OLPC Mission Video Part 1

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One laptop per child. That's our name and our vision. We want to create educational opportunities for the worlds poorest children, by providing each and every one with a rugged, low cost, low power, connected laptop. And this, is that laptop. Say hello to the XO. A computer unlike any other, designed specifically to work in tough conditions and remote areas. It comes packed with software and activities, to help kids learn, explore, create, and share. No matter what language they speak, or where they live, the XO connects them to each other, to the world, and to a brighter future We're a nonprofit organization, which makes these kids our mission, not our market. That's why wherever the XO goes there are 5 core principles everyone agrees to. First, kids get to keep the laptops. They have to be free to take them home, and use them whenever they want. That's kind of the point. 2nd, we're focused on early education, which means kids about 6-12 years old. 3rd, we have to deal in large numbers of laptops, so whole classrooms and schools get them at the same time. So no one gets left out. 4th, kids should have a connection to the Internet because there's neat stuff to learn on the internet. 5th and finally, the XO must include free and open source software, Then the laptop itself can easily grow and adapt with the needs of the child. So, in a nutshell, that's us, an organization that makes a small computer to serve a big cause. Bringing education to children all over the world. With one laptop, per child.

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Posted by: olpc on Jan 12, 2009

OLPC core mission and principles.

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