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Rael Feliciano - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Portuguese (Global Lives Project, 2006) ~01:57:24 - 02:09:11

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♫ ... in front of the straight, learn wit, silent and quiet, quiet! Your bench has sinked, you were too much! you got your fingers burnt. you got your fingers burnt. Your bench has sinked, you were too much! you got your fingers burnt, got your fingers burnt. If the night is silent, it's a place of escape. It's over for the the prince, life has gone. You're are not German, but you look like. What's up, man? What about the rhymes? Did you quit it? No way, man. Yes you did - I'm passing through some bad stuffs, now, Rael. You know...- You both, man. I haven't quit it, I haven't. I can prove to you I haven't quit it! If you want it now, I have some rhymes I wrote yesterday, yesterday! Yesterday I was writing, I can prove it to you. I'm tired. We have three new songs, man. Three new songs? Yeah, every saturday we rehearsh for two hours. Ok. I'm working now, but I don't come across you anymore, the only thing I hear about you is that you are always in a rush, only working and so on Age... I can't say anything about Age because I barely see him. But he was in a simiar situation, wasn't he? Where are the rhymes, man? Rael... Alone nobody can do anything... You see, can I tell you something? You are so bad, man. - No, no... I've seen you a lot more interested and you a lot more interested. I can assure you something, Rael...

Do you get it? Alone nobody can do anything... the thing is that... We were all together. You... you get it? You... Ok, what about the guys? But, the dream, mine.. I'm not saying that it's bigger than that, get it? The will of... the will of get together to play... the will of playing it's bigger than everything... But your face, man. If it was in vain, would I be here, man? No, I'm not saying it's in vain. I want this thing, man. I want this thing, man. To arrive here, you get it? To arrive here and say, man: This is it... ... ... The guy over there, I'll talk to him. I'll talk to him. David, do you think it's better to turn the volume down or is it good like this? Up to you. Can you capture the ideas, the stuff? - It's great, I just don't know about the neighbors. The sound is... we turn the volume down a bit, we will be able to hear some conversations. ... Vevê, it's ok, they are shooting. ... ... Aioua ê ê... ... Where is the wine? The wine, the wine? ... ... ... Where is the wine? Where is the... Rael? Rael, where is Rael? What I want, Rael, is this, Rael. ... We were taking about rhyme, man... about rhyme. No, man... I'm not saying that because there's a camera, man. Here is the thing, man. Hey, Age, I'll tell you something, man. Hey man... A barrier is needed... You say that to me, man? I know that, man. So, man. So, but I, I need it. Darn.. ... Hey, you want that everything to come to you, don't you, Bonito? No, man... If someone is drinking something, you want it, you want the stuff, you want it. That's why you get drunk. But go on, take it. No, I don't want it anymore. Ah, you will be whining? Hey, oh... he said for us to turn the volume down because then they can get some conversations. The music was really loud... but it was nice, I like loud music. ... ... ... Don't take him seriously, man. Hey, Bonito! Oh, Rael! So many draughts, man... ♫ follow the other, look to the world... ...

Black Age, Black Age... Oh, those men, they are... He is kind of... he's kind of agitated, he's kind of agitated... we need to get him a chair... ... ... Get it? ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Hussy! Hussy! Hey, hussy! Raul! Raul! Raul! ... ... Basing on the... on the.. on the cd and on the graphic art, this one is from the first album. the first album is this one. The acoustic one. ... ... ... No, so, do you know where the MV Bill one is? ... But it's an emergency... ... ... Good bless you, old man. Family! ... Rael! Hey, I'm going to put the family on, it's nice. Hey, Rael... Rael! Where is it? The, the.. remote control, Vevê? It's over the DVD - Hey, calm down, Massal... I'm going to put on a song really fast. It's number nine. ... ... ... ... ... Seeing my father there... I said "No, I'm going to put on the family". This one, look. ... ... ... After this one I'm going to change it. ... ... ... ... ... [Whistle] [Whistle] ... ... Ai, ai, ai, ai Ai, ai, ai, ai ... ... ... ... ... Ai, ai, ai, a... ai, ai, ai, ai ... ... ... Hey, later we have to put on Bob's DVD, right, man? We can turn the TV on out there, look. That would be crazy, wouldn't it? To turn the tv on out there, look. Bob's DVD. You were the most good-looking guy in Brazil, the most awesome guy. Hey, Massal... he wants to turn the television on now... ... ... There's a bunch of people skateboarding, you see, man? Come around, come around, come, come, come, come... Come here, oh, oh! Come here. Come here, oh! Let me talk to you really fast, come here, come here! ... Are you with those guys over there? If I am with them? Yes. Are they jealous? No, there are my friends! Oh, so stay with us, are you going to do something? We need some women here, man, look how many guys there is here, look. It's true, take a look. Wait, I'll do a crazy stuff now. Ow, ow, ow! Wait, Mari! Are you going downstairs to get the key? Let's go and take counsel. My beer, my cigarette. Oh, where are you going, you? What's your name? Andressa. Where are you going, Andressa? I'm going, I'm going home... Oh, so, no, but look, here is the thing, Make believe I'm not saying anything, right? Ok. But here is the thing, where are you going? I'm following her... But are you going home later on? I'll let the keys... Ahn? We are going to sleep. You're not going to sleep, man, let's hang out, man. No, because here is the thing, look how many gys there is over there. - So what? - I think we need some women to cheer it up. It's not that we will want to get involved with you, get it? It's just for us to look to different places, get it? Yeah, we take a look and there is only beard! Yeah, the smile must be... - Hey, Marília! Marília! Marília! Make up their minds for them not to leave! ... Ahn? Are you sisters? Blood sisters? No, sisters in Christ. What you mean by sisters in Christ? We are from FCC, first command of Christ. Thank you, Lord! Amen! What a glory, what a blessing. So, for God's glory and for God's blessing, stay with us... It will be allright. I swear. Little flowers. I didn't get it. Give me a Christ flower, then. What is it? Big Brother? Hey, is this little flower consecrated? Yes, it is consecrated. Is it for protection? Yes. Which is your church?

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Duration: 11 minutes and 48 seconds
Country: Andorra
Director: Helio Ishii
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Posted by: globallives.brazil on May 19, 2008

At a party.

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