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Progressive Therapy

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[talking over each other] Okay. One at a time. She blames me for everything. It's always my fault. He's constantly attacking me. I can't do anything right. I was inspired. I was energized. And then she said he wasn't worth taking seriously! I was so proud and hopeful. Then he said she was in the pocket of Wall Street. Then he started attacking her on Facebook! I was informing people of things she's actually said and done. You were imposing a ridiculous purity test on her. Like it's ridiculous to run on a livable minimum wage... or universal healthcare, or free public college! You think she didn't want those things? If she could wave a magic wand she would. But you have to get elected first. Oh. Well a nice job she did with that. And a nice job YOU did supporting her! I voted for her in the general! After you were done pouting and sitting on your $27 hands. What did you want me to do? Host a fundraiser at Goldman Sachs? It's clear that you both formed a strong emotional attachment to your candidate. Emotions that you wanted affirmed by your partner. But instead, your feelings were undermined, even ridiculed. Yup. Pretty much. Okay. Well, let's reframe the discussion using some "I" statements. I want you to share how your partner's behavior makes you FEEL. Who'd like to start? Alright, I'll go. I feel-- Face your partner. I feel hurt and angry when you say that Hillary isn't progressive enough because it makes me feel like you're saying that I'M not progressive enough. Like I don't care about wealth inequality or campaign finance reform. But I do. I just think we need to set realistic goals. Hillary Supporters, that was excellent. Bernie Supporters? Okay. I feel angry and hurt when you call me a Bernie Bro because I feel like you’re dismissing me as entitled and immature. Like I don't understand that politics involves compromise. But I do. I just think that we need to raise our expectations about what's possible. I feel like we're having a real breakthrough here. To take this further, let's try putting into words exactly what we want out of this relationship. Be specific. I want us to do a better job communicating. No more focus-group-tested Washington-Speak. Let's just say what we really mean! Let's fund our campaigns with small donations so we can be more independent and honest. and also I think we need to decline more wedding invites because we're away like every weekend. Really nice, Bernie Supporters. Hillary Supporters? I want us to have respect for hard work and professionalism and for candidates who can WIN. We also need to make electing more women a priority. 100% Yes. And people of color. Yes! Great. Anything else? Oh. I'd also really appreciate it if you'd stop leaving the cabinets in the kitchen open. Just get what you need out of it and then close it. Alright. Excellent. Now I want us to reflect. Hillary Supporters-- these things that are most important to Bernie Supporters are they things that you want as well? Yes. And Bernie Supporters-- are the things that are important to Hillary Supporters things that you also want? Absolutely. That is wonderful. Let's take a moment to appreciate that you largely want the same things. ♫ phone notification sounds ♫ Sorry. Oh my God. What the fuck. What is it? Trump! What did he do this time? This man is a MONSTER. He's a sociopathic CHILD! Our values are being destroyed! Our very democracy is in peril! He's got his finger on the button! We're in terrible danger! How the hell is this guy president?? You did this! [talking over each other] Stop it! Sit down. Trump is president. It's a terrible, horrible thing. But blaming each other doesn't solve anything. You need to stop yelling at each other and have a mature conversation. If not for you, do it for your children. Human Rights Freedom of the Press Climate Change and the Environment Wealth Inequality Immigration Policy Gun Control Criminal Justice Reform Universal Healthcare And whether she grows up to be single payer or a public option you will still love her. True. Voting Rights Campaign Finance Reform Affordable Quality Education and Promoting Peace and The Rule of Law around the world. We have a pretty large family. Well, there's a lot of work to be done in this country. Yeah. And your children are all depending on you to come together and figure this out. Yes. This is bigger than you. It is. The blaming and shaming each other in person and online needs to stop. Just look at the comment section under this video. It's insane! It's disgusting. I look fat in this sweatshirt? We have legitimate disagreements about priorities and strategy and they are important to talk about. But we need to have a civil conversation. The stakes are too high. We must be united. Hillary Supporters Bernie Supporters It's time to make up.

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Posted by: mrbruffee on May 5, 2018

Are the Hillary / Bernie supporters in your life STILL at each other's throats??

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