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Mary Evelyn Tucker: Nature's Energy

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Many indigenous peoples have had this-- --what we would call "traditional environmental knowledge"-- --again about hunting or farming or planting or practices of the seasons or an orientation to the cosmos-- --to the sun, to the stars-- to bring in that universal power of the cosmos and bringing in that immediate power of nature itself. So seasonal orientation--directions, the sense of colors, the sense of living within the rhythms of nature is absolutely crucial. That's on a broad scale. But it certainly is the case, and this would be true not only in African indigenous traditions or Native American traditions such as the Hopi in the Southwest, but even in East Asia--in Daoism and so on-- you have this traditional environmental knowledge in terms of medicine and healing or Qigong or Tai Chi--all of which-- --Tai Chi movements are movements of animals and insects which relate the human to the natural world. So we can bring in--what I would call from East Asia the "Chi" energy that has the sense that the whole world is matter and spirit--this "Chi"--it's not a divided thing. As we cultivate the "Chi" in ourselves-- which is what Qigong is trying to do and Tai Chi--we feel the energy pouring through us and part of what we have lost is trying to rely only on our own energy. But it's nature's energy in terms of food, of water, of air, beauty-- --spectacular sunrises, sunsets, mountains-- this is the fundamental energy that pours through us which we need to draw on right now in our search for sustainable energies. It's spiritual as well as physical. This is what we are searching for right now.

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