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Paul Spagnuolo - Edit 1

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- My area of expertise is looking at food derived bioactive compounds and how they can be used as treatments for various diseases. Specifically, we're really interested in treatments for acute Myeloid Leukemia, which is a very devastating disease affecting primarily populations over the age of 65. In this lab we look at various different food-derived bioactive molecules and we're perhaps best known for our discovery of an avocado-based lipid that has potent activity in killing leukemia and leukemia stem cells. A food derived bioactive molecule is really kind of what it sounds like in the sense that its a molecule that has activity, biological activity physiological activity, meaning that if you consume it there is some form of response in the body. So four-plus years ago we decide some very general question, which compounds are best at killing cancer cells? This avocado compound came out of the screen that we did and ever since we've been working on discovering or identifying how these molecules are good at killing cancer cells. Currently, we are evaluating a Health Canada improved product that contains our bioactive in human subjects. The next step would then be to test this particular product in patients who have leukemia. What motivates me is, I think, for everyone personally been touched by cancer. And I've had family members who have passed away family members who have been afflicted and so... my main motivation is to reduce the incidence of the disease as well as improve treatment so that more and more of us could have family members who are cancer survivors.

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Paul Spagnuolo - Edit 1

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