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Lion - King of the Jungle?

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Animals and Regret - Lion Animals and regret I am currently in a manifested physical form of and as a lion and I'm here speaking as, the animal kingdom the animal kingdom, as much as every manifested expression that existed within this existence is self responsible for how everything turn out to be and become within this world, we currently exist the regret that had to be faced, in the animal kingdom is the point where we, instead of standing up and making a definitive absolute statement of, what we would accept and allow and what not we fell into despair of, fear we justified why we, did not stand up by saying to ourselves that, we are animals what can an animal possibly do? to stop what has been accepted and allowed, to be done onto this existence onto (sigh) each other and we justified why we did not stand up absolutely by, stating that we, apparently fear death because if an animal, would for example attack a human being we'd immediately be killed which is fascinating that such, an act is being done onto animals as yourself one and equal, yet within the human race, when one human being attack another, they are merely punished they are not killed human beings, harm each other abuse each other physically, emotionally extensively, day in, and day out yet the only punishment that exist is human beings being locked into a corner as thought they had simple done something bad yet human being's behavior and nature expression towards the animal kingdom it that of deliberate, murder yet you don't see it, or realize it as that, in anyway whatsoever and human beings kill and murder animals, because of fear the same fear that we, as the animal kingdom accepted and allowed to enslaved us for eons of time because we feared you the animal would, or have through timed attacked because of fear to protect themselves to protect, their children just as human beings act in fear, to protect themselves to protect their children to protect others as themselves see that herein, the animal kingdom the human beings all that exist is self-responsible, for how we have become toward ourselves and each other as ourselves because of fear but in that fear itself, is also justification- because of regret because we know, that we are how we are that we are what we have become both within and without because we did not stand up and I speak of we as all manifested expression within existence nature animal kingdom, human beings planets stars water, everything all that exist that we have existed, in this regret hidden within shame, presented as fear when the real reason is, the real core the real origin is not fear it is regret and shame and sorrow therefore I suggest realizing within yourself that the fear you experienced and the fear you exist within and as towards anything or anyone within existence do not act upon it access it within yourself and realize why are you accepting and allowing yourself to exist in fear? what is the regret the shame the sorrow that has been hidden within yourself and stop existing in the past and be here in self-honesty one and equal as Life thank you More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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Posted by: desteniteam1 on Apr 4, 2010


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