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Jacque Fresco - Free Will, Cause, Influence of Background

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Jacque Fresco - Oct 10, 2010 It's very hard for a traditional person to step out of their tradition and investigate with the means that they never had. Influence of Background If you don't have the background to investigate you don't know what to check with; you check with another metaphysician and he's bound to sing your song. So you say "I agree completely with you." You don't say "Do you have evidence to support that point of view?" Free Will The free will assumption, that there's nothing that causes it, it's just a terrible assumption - that there's nothing responsible for it, it's self determined. "Self" meaning without cause. Free will means "without cause." Try thinking of something without an influence. Blame It makes it easier, much easier, for society to flourish by blaming people rather than taking into account the physical factors responsible for the behavior. Cause And if you don't know what the cause is, the greatest thing you can do is say "I don't know. I'm gonna try to look into it." But, how do you look into it? There are laws that govern how you look into it. Are you going to study those laws? or are you going to look into it with the old value system? The old value system will reveal nothing. What you want People are not that precise in their language. Say "What do you want?" "I want access to the necessities of life." They can't say that. They've never been taught that. They've been taught a roundabout way of talking about things. Values & Habits of Thought So The Venus Project does not concern itself with habits of thought or "success" as used today. It concerns itself with the physical factors that are responsible for our values. If you want a better world you have to make it better. You have to be... this is what you must use: "ruthlessly honest." Otherwise you can't make it. 2018 The Venus Project Video edit + photography Joel Holt

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Year: 2018
Country: United States
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Posted by: ltiofficial on Apr 30, 2018

Jacque challenges the assumption of free will and illustrates how this cherished notion has no basis. He makes the case that belief in free will and individuality is a tool to maintain establishments & social conditions which would otherwise undergo significant modification.

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