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what is your name? Manikandeshwari How long you have been working with eight thousand miles? Its for about 6 to 8 months now After working with eight thousand miles what are the changes in your life? what new things you have learnt? what was was difficult for you while working with eight thousand mile? How your perspective of life has changed now? From eight eight thousand miles first I learnt is quality check I learnt to quality check starting from taking measurements,stitching, trimming, packing and Ironing. Since we standardised Quality we started getting more orders. For eight thousand miles Quality is must and since I started to improve on Quality checks and my workers too started improving . From this we started to get more orders we started getting more local export orders now. what challenges you face with eight thousand miles? Do you face any problems with eight thousand miles? Initially in everything we had new challenges I did not have control during the production ,stitching. faced challenges to form the core team. Learning process for the workers and for delivering the products took time. Each time there might be some issues with stitching, pockets and other small stuffs. we learnt new patterns in ETM. These are new to our area and also to our region. These are all new pattern for us. We got a good name also we started to develop new skills. so we learnt a lot of things. so these are the ones you got and learnt through eight thousand miles. so you see an upliftment in your life style In regards to family work plays a major role. Development in work indirectly helps in growth of the family. In future this will be a stepping stone for my growth. As far as work is concerned it is going on well for me. Again in our region we don't give more stress on quality.. But here, not even one inch miss is acceptable Learnt a lot in Quality front.I am learning perfection here . It is not only beneficial for me but also the workers working here. In future the workers will be able to produce things with quality and they will automatically get good customers.

Also they have learnt new pattern that would also help them. Thank you

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Posted by: jananiramakrish87 on Feb 16, 2017

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