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Dave Ulrich - Take advantage of uncertainty

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- Live with, and harness uncertainty. Dave Ulrich: Global thought leader on talent management People comment and you may have even heard it in this conference, and I don't want to disagree with my esteemed colleagues when they say, "I know the new normal, come let me tell you." By the way, as soon as somebody says that to me, my comment is, "Turn around, and run... as fast as you can." If somebody knew the new normal, they'd be rich. Because they could've predicted the stock, they could've predicted-- Amazon, and Zoom and the technology. We don't know the new normal. All that world that we started with, the pandemic, when will it be done, we don't know. Rates in Italy are rising, when will tourism return? We don't know. When will restaurants open? We don't know. In that world of uncertainty, on the left hand side, create false hope. Let me tell you when this will be over. By the end of the year, we'll have a vaccine and the world is all healthy again. No, we don't know. Or we give up hope. Somebody said the leaders in my company kind of went and hid in their closet and weren't making any decisions. They didn't know what to do, or where to go. Don't create false hope, you get cynicism. Don't give up hope, you get despair. Get realistic optimism, harness that uncertainty. Find a way to run into it, to be realistic, to say, "Yeah, the world is changing." "How can I move forward and make uncertainty work?" We studied uncertainty from a number of disciplines. In the military they call it VUCA. Volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. In financial planning, they call it managing risks. In psychology, they call it neurology and threat, and the neuropathy. In physics they call it the [indiscernible] principle of uncertainty. In religion, we call it faith. In every one of those fields, we try to harness the uncertainty. Like you harness the wind. What did we find? In this opportunity, I'll just highlight a couple of actions you can take. Run into the apprehensions. And about 40% of adults are feeling some form of emotional angst. Anxiety, depression, stress. Rather than hide it, run into it. Talk about it, share it. As a leader, when you come back to work with your employees, and come into that work setting, don't start with goals and objectives. Start with empathy, and understanding. What have you felt? What have you been discouraged by? What have you learned? What's been happening to you? Envision the future as I said. What does the future look like? How do we use this as a demarcation? We go through transitions in our lives. We move from college, to work. We move from single, to married. We move from parents with children, to parents without children. And then likely parents with children back home again. But we move through transitions and at each transition, envision what could happen. Accept that we are not going to be perfect at first. Failures and opportunity to learn, regulate my expectations. Experiment, try stuff. And try to show some pictures, sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. As a leader, try a product. By the way, don't experiment in your biggest market. But try a product, experiment and collaborate. Surround yourself with people who think and behave like you.

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Dave Ulrich - Take advantage of uncertainty

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