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Étienne Chouard - L'arnaque de l'impôt sur le revenu.mp4

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Well, I worked as Prof. of Law and Economics I taught Law and Economics for 10 years So, I taught monetary creation like all Economics teachers do And I taught it like it is taught today i.e. in an absolutely non critical way You give a description, you say 'This is how it works: private banks create money then, they look for refinancing according to their market share they look for refinancing from the central bank' and then you skip to another subject, because when you deliver an Economics course, there are a lot of things to review, uh, not just money. There is unemployment, inflation, lots of other things. I didn't even think until 3-4 years ago I didn't even think of discussing the system, I mean basically structurally, fundamentally, I didn't even think of getting revolted. and... Frederic Lordon, he is a friend of mine, he is someone I really appreciate with whom I have a lot of discussions and who said to me when I started telling him about monetary creation saying 'look, that's incredible, those private banks creating money' Frederic would tell me: 'but hey, you live on an island or what? Everybody knows that, you learn it in College' Well, you indeed learn this in College but what you don't learn is to get revolted with it in College, you learn that it is the way it works and that it's fine this way But it's not the same as if you learned it and then someone said: 'What do you think about it?' Because, when you see how monetary creation works you may just as well take to the street and start a fight, make a revolution! it's absolutely in-cre-dible! The most striking example is America In America, before 1913 there was indeed a central bank, but it was still under control of citizens, more or less and then there was no income tax... there was NO income tax. That same year, i.e. 1913, a year the Americans may as well put a black stone on on that same year, private bankers, 5 of them succeeded, through a plot which is... well, you should read it it's incredible, you should really read it two guys spent their whole life investigating it and they have depicted it in details, it's incredible 5 bankers obtained that when the American State needs money no problem we, the (private) bankers will give it to them will... 'lend' it to them... with a 6% interest rate. hi hi hi, it's great! it's great. Since then, well, there was no debt at the time, no debt at all, the United States had NO debt. And now... And now... The Federal Reserve, well, they decided they would call themselves the Federal Reserve to avoid smelling like a private central bank The Americans did not want a central bank they did not want to be rulled by Wall Street they did not want it, they knew it was dangerous, they did not want it so they had this great idea: they said 'we'll call ourselves the Federal Reserve' and it worked, it was voted at Christmas late at night absolute forgery, and then debt started to grow, grow, grow... And on that same year, they invented the income tax, it's the same President, i.e. Wilson, who organised both and income tax... listen, I don't know if it was designed that way, but it looks like it ... it is as if and that's ... like, like France, eh? later, but the same in France It is as if First: I start with convincing the State to borrow me I, the banker, start with convincing the State to owe me money And then, in order to help the State raise that money, I create a new tax that will help with the fund-raising And finally, I have the Americans work for me, nice, uh? And I carry on doing... well, nothing, nothing else but buy a Yacht, buy this, buy that But wait, it works pretty well and finally income tax absorbs ALL the repayment of debt in the United States that is to say... all, all the monetary assets in the United States which are debts, obviously we'll have to try and explain this sometimes money is debt debt from the State, or debt from the bank, but debt The same in France All what you pay in the form of income tax 100% of what you pay is not used to run hospitals, schools and utilities not at all, it ALL goes to servicing debt that is to say, it goes into the pockets of the rich who have lent to the State because the state has given up the creation of the money it needs. The state, it means ... The State, we, in fact, our representatives, FELONS in fact felons, traitors, have forced the State, have forced us to go into debt with private actors so people who, by definition, have money, if they can lend us, it means they have money to become debtors of these people paying them an interest and this interest has grown, grown, grown, ever since 1973 and if you look at the deficits ... the deficits for each year they are equal to debt service, that is to say that if there was no debt we would have remained well, more or less, we would remained roughly in equilibrium, more or less that is to say that, in fact, the imbalance is the formation of the debt and debt service, NOT the refund, the refund is inaccessible, it's too much money the debt service, just the interests, the State takes the income tax and they give it to the rich. Gosh, it's just amazing that we accept such a system, it's just incredible that we accept it it's unbelievable that we may call 'representatives' people who can utterly betray us like that. When you do the maths and look at what we lack for the social security, you look at what we need for retirement, you look at what we lack for electricity, gaz, and all the utilities ... well, evrything is there, EVERYTHING! To know more about Etienne Chouard, please check:

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Etienne Chouard on monetary creation & income tax ;
Etienne Chouard habla de creacion monetaria e impuesto sobre la renta ;
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