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Astanga Vinyasa - Nadi Shodhana

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The second series of Ashtanga is known as Nadi Shodhana, because it purifies the entire nervous system. All the body's nervous system radiates from along the spine. With movements of hiperextensions and torsions we activate and allow the opening of the energy channels, through which prana circulates, the vital energy. The asana, executed from the intellect of the heart, with lightness, firmness and, at the same time, softness, signifies total elongation, total extension and expansion. Asana is perfect firmness of the body, the constancy of intelligence and completeness. When done properly, the body's movements are smooth. There is light in the body and freedom in the mind. Each Vinyasa must be an art. An art, in which the Self is the only spectator. We maintain our attention within and not outside, not worrying about what others see, but only with what the Self sees. Prana is the energy that moves through the breath. When we learn to guide prana, we succeed to unite our individual energy with that of the whole universe. Just as the leaves move in the wind, the mind moves at the mercy of the breath. When breathing becomes regular and quiet, it has the effect of neutralizing the mind. The accomplished yogi continues to act and perform his duties in the world, but now, with freedom. He is free from desires of motivation and desires for the fruits of his actions. His acting is totally indifferent. But, on the other hand, he is full of compassion. He is in the world, but the world does not belong to him.

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Posted by: crisrich on Dec 11, 2011

Short excerpt of a DVD on Astanga Vinyasa Yoga.

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