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How to Rank Up in Robocraft

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What is up you guys, this is spacekryptonite here to help you understand how league works in Robocraft There are many different perspectives and a lot hidden agendas that decide if you rank up or down at the end of the match With Battle Arena there are different strategies that could factor whether you lose or not Now we just need Matpat to do all the calculations for me and my life will be easier Anyways, with all jokes aside, let’s get down to the meat and dig out the easy parts so you can be on your way to protonium Let’s help you grasp a concept of league ranking… which are invisible What you are seeing is your division. Each division has 5 stars, but your ranking determines if you gain a star or lose a star League ranking is like an experience bar except you can go down the levels based on your score Score is a major factor and determines everything about your ranking For our first lesson, I will help explain how the scoreboard works towards your ranking Let's pretend that this match we won the winning team's score are doubled All teams get sorted into one list The rule of ranking goes like this The winning team players on the top half will rank up while the bottom will rank down, even though you are on the winning team The losing team players on the top half will have no change in ranking while the bottom will rank down In the end, I rank up, but my teammate Cambro22 will rank down because he is on the bottom half of the scoreboard Let’s use the same example but instead my team was defeated The enemies’ scores are doubled. The same rule will apply Enemies on top half will rank up while bottom will rank down My team on the top half will have no change in ranking while the bottom will rank down In this example, I have no change of ranking because I am on the top half of the scoreboard Players like Rogig and Hunterd will rank down even though they won This ranking system is harsh, but effective when determining player skill level If your enemy is doing better than you even though you won and your score was doubled, They are given a chance to keep their ranking while you decrease. So you may be thinking. Does capturing towers matter? Can’t I just kill players all game and be on top This would be true, but recent changes are nerfing those actions from happening Let's give an example that breaks the old meta Let’s compare 2 matches that were played Match A, which we used previously, I did 0 damage to towers and reactors while Match B, I focus on damaging towers rather than just going for kills As you can see, Match A had more damage than Match B, but I fell in the middle of the scoreboard while Match B I was on top The score difference was due to match duration and even with Match B, I spent more time waiting for respawn In the end, capturing towers is going to determine whether you are on the top or bottom half of the scoreboard Let’s go into how much ranking do you gain when securing victories and are ranking up This system is based off the enemy’s division compared to yours The harder your enemies are, the higher your ranking increases when ranking up Let’s say you are Bronze 3 and the average rank of the enemies is Gold 3 Winning this match will increase your rank drastically because of the opponents you are facing But if you were to win against Bronze 1 star, you will gain very little increase on your ranking because the enemies are not a high ranking This works differently when losing If you were going against a team average of Gold 3 and you lose, your rank will decrease very little ranking because the enemies are in a higher division than you are But if you were going against Bronze 1 star and lost, You will lose rankings more drastically, because they are a lower division than you The end goal of Robocraft League is to have more consistent ranking in every match Because every player starts off at Bronze, everyone will have a hard time climbing the ladder since gaining ranks in the same division will increase by very little Overtime, the ladder will be filled with players in gold, diamond, and protonium which will allow other players to rank up the tougher players there are That pretty much wraps it up for today's video Let me know in the comment section down below if you any questions about ranking Once again I want to thank you guys for watching Be sure to like and subscribe for all your robo needs and until next time This is SpaceKryptonite logging out I will catch you guys later

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Posted by: spacekryptonite on Oct 30, 2015

Learn how to get to rank up in League and increase your chances of getting to Protonium in Robocraft. There are a lot of confusion on how league ranking works. I will help you understand and show you the hidden numbers behind Robocraft's rank system. Enjoy!

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