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Chaos in the radio

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Welcome back to cupid love ..... meet us every friday with dj pooklook and dj nookey Today we have an interesting call from miss kung and mr aak Hello miss kung Hello dj pooklook and djnookey, i am kung i need some advice from you Me and aak have been together for about 6-7 years And we just moved in together Our relationship is going very well Every morning we always brush our teeth together, have breakfast together we even dry hair for each other That’s so sweet Thanks I am willing to drive aak to work everyday because I dont want him to go by public transports But there is one problem that I would love advices from you As i told you so that aak and i have been together for around 7 years I have been waiting for his marriage request but there is no sign from him What should I do One moment please aak call me What is wrong honey? I am busy talking with friends I miss you too baby I’ll be there just a sec babe Hello I’m back. My boyfriend called me According to what im saying I really want to marry with him But he never ask me Kung please calm down I don’t know My mood is really swing right now What should I do Please calm down I want to marry him! I want to marry him! He did not ask me! I want to marry him I apologize My mood is very swing Okay im good now So what should I do Maam, what are you doing Hello Im sorry my patience like to steal the phone from the nurse Im not sick So she is insane ,right ? I think yes because I did not hear Eak’sound answer her Yeah ,me neither Let’s you guys send messages to us if you all have any ideas. Here someone sent message to us He said that he is eak’s friend And eak…

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Posted by: bearismee on Mar 1, 2019

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