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Moonrise Kingdom

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"Who's missing?" "Shakusky? Jiminy Cricket! He flew the coop!" Oh, Hello. I'm Bill Murray on the set of Moonrise Kingdom The new film directed by Wes Anderson It's about two young people that fall in love for the first time "What kind of bird are you?" They decide to run away together and live happily ever after "Walt, where the hell are you?" "Right here" "Does it concern you that your daughter just ran away from home?" "That's a loaded question" A search party composed of Many adults having their own internal dramas, goes out for them "Until help arrives I'm deputizing the little guy, the skinny one, and the boy with the patch on his eye to come with me in the station wagon" The 60's had a particularly a high level of nostalgia Just seemed so natural and obvious for this story I did a scene on this set the other day Going to that closet, grab an ax, come out and say to these little kids here "I'll be at the back, I'm gonna find a tree to chop down" There's some very amazing actors in the movie I've seen all of Wes's films I wanted to work with him, and work with his cast "There's no cause for alarm, sir. We'll find them." My characters's name is Randy Ward And he's the Scout Master of Troop 55 "Let's find our man and bring them safely back to camp" Frances McDormand plays my wife, Mrs. Bishop "What am I looking at?" "He does water colors, mostly landscapes, but a few nudes" I play Social Services She gets called in, to render some kind of order into the mayhem "Where's the boy?" I play a gentleman named Cousin Ben "Are you two...? spit out the gum sister, in fact everybody "I don't like the snappy attitude" Everytime you work with Wes is an adventure He's just such a good film maker And there's so many things going on on the background You don't really grasp what you're part of until you see it I really love his attention to detail And going into a world that's as beautifully designed as this, it's such fun I've never seen anybody else work this way The shots that he sets up, are all really gorgeous shots And it just seemed exactly right He is visualized, as usual, in such a really beautiful way You put you're costume on in this thing, and you get transcended It's amazing how much the right hat can deliver a character to your whole cell When the director is as great as Wes is He creates a really great feeling of camaraderie among people This is a Wes Anderson film As unique as all his films are, it's really funny and loveable There's a real sweetness to it It takes you back to the romantic notions of the time This film is beautiful I think it's great Go and see the film

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Wes Anderson

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