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The 2012 Enigma by David Wilcock Pt. 01

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Shima Moore: [Expo Program Director] Good Afternoon, everyone! I want to welcome all of you to the Conscious Life Expo post-conference.  I love this expo because bring in some of the the top talent around and the gentleman that I am going to introduce is one of the people that is definitely tops in his field and has such incredible information to share.  So I would like you to join me in giving a rousing Conscious Life Expo welcome to David Wilcock!  [Tumultuous applause...] David:  Thank you. Thank you, I appreciate that. You know 2012 is about a new birth and, now that I have my own umbilical cord, we have a great symbolic reference for that. So, this is going to be a bridge where we are going to start with the 2012 Enigma material that I didn't get to finish yesterday because, literally, we had the line for that room wrapped around two halls in this hotel.  It was enormous.  How we got all those people into that room -- for those of you who remember -- I don't know how it worked, but it was a Divine miracle in and of itself that we actually got the people in. So this is about what the government is like for most people right now. [chuckle] We've gotten into this illusion that the government is our benevolent father figure and protector.  And more and more recently now, it's feeling as if the surprise is not what we're expecting. So many people are awakening to cosmic consciousness and higher concepts of metaphysics and spirituality and this is going to be a true master class in what's really going on. So three years ago I was at this conference and I met Billy Blake who should be here but he's not here yet. He's going to be running around with a hand held camera.  And we decided to do a film together; the film is called Convergence, as many of you -- or probably all of you -- know.  So that film deals with the idea that the underlying fabric of this universe is consciousness -- which is what all the old mystics and all the old religious traditions have been saying for thousands of years. Now what I offer is a much-more elaborate and intricate spin on the notion of a consciousness field than you've probably ever seen anywhere else.  Of course it goes without saying -- for those of you who haven't seen this -- when they haven't seen it before, but you all are well initiated. Edgar Cayce and myself -- there's obviously a facial similarity there.  This is my brother and Cayce's first guy, Dr. Ketchum, My father after a Metallica concert -- that's why he's sneering.  And the squire, Edgar Cayce's father.  My father would only shop at the squire shop and everybody called Cayce's father "The Squire".  This is my best friend Jude and Edwin Blumenthal, from the Cayce tradition; one of his principal investors.  Jude and I did marvellous music together in high school.  At least we thought so at the time.  And this is my friend from college, Christopher, and his corresponding reincarnation, This is my good friend from college, Angelica, and this is Edgar's wife, Gertrude.  These are, like, the only people I'm still in contact with from high school and college.  I mean, you have to understand these are not just random people from my life.  These are, like, some of my closest associates and friends.  And then when you find out that they are the same people as in Edgar's circle -- it's very, very surprising.  Okay, so, as we went through yesterday - are there great secrets being held? This was something a lot of people didn't catch on the way they did the reflection on the poster for the Da Vinci Code.  And, of course, what is the eye in the triangle on top of the pyramid? Are there messages being given that we are not getting full access to?  Gore's Inconvenient Truth... sure that looks like smoke - NOT; And here's the Milky Way from, like, the top down.  this is about where we are.  Though we're not all the way out at the edge, we're kind of in the middle. But doesn't this look sort of like cross hairs to sort of point towards the Galactic Center and suggest that there's some sort of Galactic alignment that's going on here? So later in this talk, you're going to hear about interplanetary climate change, which is how this movement into a new area of energy in our galaxy is, in fact, actually causing all the planets in the solar system to experience changes just like the ones we see on Earth.  So this is far from an isolated phenomenon. There are also these new physics discoveries that keep leaking out and they always relate to sacred geometry. The idea -- in this case of the dodecahedron, which is twelve pentagonal -- faces that kind of looks like a soccer ball, if you make it into a sphere. the background radiation, from when the universe was first created, has arranged itself into this odd geometric pattern.  And that's been proven.  So, then, the question is: "okay, what is the force that would cause that type of geometry to emerge in the formation of the universe?" As we are going into the 2012 subject, of course, crop circles have been on everybody's mind.  of years ago, which started out in an unfinished way; you notice that all of these blocks are completely Well the circle makers, whoever they are, came back.  And when they came back, this is what we got.  Now you have time markings and symbols from the Mayan Calendar.  Okay?  And the alignment of these winged discs in terms of what markers they are pointing to, which correspond to the Mayan's system and the Aztec system, gave you an exact time reference of the length of time between when this was created and 2012, the end of the Mayan Calendar.  So this is a self-referential 2012 diagram given to us by whoever is behind the circle phenomenon. This is one of many crop circles, which seem to suggest that the secret to understanding 2012 in our talk today, is in vibration.  That looks an awful lot like a vibrating puddle of liquid.  This is what happens when you take vibration to the next step.  that in a second, if you can imagine, this is a sphere in a cube and then another sphere. Obviously the circle makers are saying, you know, 2012 pay attention to your DNA, right?  Except, here's the thing: the chromosome's all broken up.   And that's what happens before there's about Now this is even more interesting.  A double-helix, okay, and there's twelve stations.  Then down here you get an even weirder thing: you get a triple helix, but they still have that same formation and then And then look at the timelines, this is less than a month apart in 1999.  And this came out in '96, the basic nature of DNA changing, somehow. which shows you DNA very very clearly. As you can see, that it's twisting and you can see the ladder and the helixes, so there's something very interesting going on here. Now this is one of the most staggering formations that has ever come down.   And, as I said yesterday, a funny hat and a string and board after coming back from the bar one night.  It just doesn't fly.  This is much too complex to be something that could have been done without an elaborate-- --and, you know, the thing is there are some cases where formations like this have been documented as showing up within a one-hour period.  they see nothing, and then there's lights and the dogs start barking and everything goes nuts and then all of a sudden - boom -- there it is. So this is showing you the geometry of the tetrahedron.  Here's a drawing of it. This is the frozen vibration that is one of the principal energy fields that moves through planets. As you can see in this diagram, it shows up at 19.5, which is Richard Hoagland's thing.  He's speaking tonight at seven. So here's your animation of the actual Great Red Spot, which is at the limb of the tetrahedron down here on Jupiter.  And this also extends through the Great Dark Spot on Neptune. This extends through a shield volcano...

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2012: Tragedy, transcension or just another year? David Wilcock exposes many great secrets: DNA, consciousness science, wormholes, stargate travel, sacred geometry, three-dimensional time, the Mayan Calendar and much, much more!

Part I: CONVERGENCE The Movie, consciousness energy field, Edgar Cayce reincarnation, Da Vinci Code, Inconvenient Truth, galactic alignment, dodecahedron, 2012 / DNA crop circles, sacred geometry as vibration, tetrahedron, 19.5 degrees

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