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Muttu Kumar - Hampi, India - Kannada (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~17:05:47 - 17:19:28

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You had..a..good sleep today? Yes We were selling postcards.. Today's very hot. Yeah. Today's hot also. Very difficult also, too much hot. I was playing some cricket. I went down.. -- there? Here I was playing... And in the garden I went to the cricket ground to watch cricket. Really nice today. We would've been walking in the heat or else. Now it's O.K. Now it's O.K, we are going for sunset. But still it's not enough time, we are going very fast. Yes fast...we don't have much time Nice plantation. Sorry? The plantation is good. Where we'll go for sunset there are sadhus and Brahmin priest, monkeys...and many tourists also. Now we go to Malyavanta? Yeah, Malyavanta. It's only 7 km away. This plantation's life is finished, you see? -- Yeah. They've been getting it cut... -- they cut.. Soon, in 6 months, everything'll be dry. Goats... This is very special, you see the mountain, I will show you now. Looks like a peacock. Look... Look now. This... You can see, like peacock, see the tail, and the mouth. Yes. It's natural. Where we were, this morning at Hemakuta Hill, from there if you stand up, from there if you see, it looks like a big peacock. From here it's near, no? -- yes And this road goes to another village called Kadirampur. And this goes to the ruins. And this is another Shiva temple here. Sugarcane plants. And banana. Mangoes. Beginning now. Because flowers are getting dry, the mangoes will come. Frangipani, the flowers. Can get the smell from here. On the left side you can see the Queen's bath. The Queen used to take bath here. There are 2 kinds of designs here. One is Arabic style, and one is Muslim style They made carvings inside. But the temple is from the Hindus. Krishna Devaraya, he built it for the queen to have a bath here in this..the last building... People walking now, evening exercise. Sugarcane plant, they cut it, they make fire, they burn it all now they'll clean everything. Next few months, I think... -- After they wait to grow again. Yeah. And now, since it's a fire, some will grow and some will not. So...they will clean and put another plantation, maybe sugarcane. Takes a month. To grow again. So this is a village called Kamalapur. Here is the museum, here. On the right side, this is the school, primary school. And this road goes to Hotel Mayura, Bhuvaneshwari. Government's hotel. And this is Muslim people's mosque here...when they die...people they keep here on the left side from the village. They bring from this village -- Kamalapur In Kamalapur, around 80% are Muslims. You see there are many people already in Malyavanta Hill. In rainy season these are..uhh... you know the chapati they make...uhh.. from flour? -- Yeah These kind of seeds they grow in this plantation. In rainy season. That time there's water. Now there is no water supply from the canal only... Nothing is there, only dry, dry, hot. In rainy season, from the mountain, all this water comes. So they will grow there. But it seems every year there's little less water, no? Yeah. -- Every year. Little less. Because I think everywhere in the planet's like this. Everywhere every year something's changing. -- Changing. It's getting hot -- everywhere. Yeah. Yes. See, to build the temple they've been cutting lots of stones here. For building temples. This kind of building is very easy, eh? They take it directly from masons, they cut... -- Very quick. And also, cut, very easy and to make carvings is very difficult. Because these stones always break. Not so easy to make carvings in this kind of white granite. It cuts very difficult. And we are passing through the entrance to the Malyavanta temple now. There, top of the hill. So now this vehicle goes to the top of the hill now. The road is little difficult... -- What? The road is little difficult. -- Yeah. Very old road which was made, like 5 years ago. They made it for the temple. Vehicles come because they bring some luggage. And some people they come to worship at the temple. So they made it, that's why. Russian people are coming...came already. Shall we go? -- Yeah. First we go to the temple. That is the Brahmin. These people are performing chants. all the day? all day long! these are statues. They are made by big stones. they carved them. from the back of the temple, you can see a big golden stone. golden-like. see, this is the stone. you see their carvings. they built it then. there is stone there. that is the temple. and now they are doing something with bricks so they covered it with plastic. see there, there is another temple. very big temple lot of things are there. there are many carvings on the walls. each has something.

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Duration: 13 minutes and 40 seconds
Country: India
Language: English
Producer: Srikumar Venkatraman
Director: Rahul V. Chittella
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Posted by: globallivesindia on Aug 24, 2009

Muttu goes to the sunset point in the rickshaw, along with Satya. He talks to him and tells him a bit about the sunset point.

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