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Adolf Hitler 14: AfterLife: Return to Innocence Part 2

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ADOLF HITLER INTERVIEW 14 - Return to Innocence (Part 2) Hi, this is Hitler again. So I was where an anger consumed me and... I did what I... at that time of my knowledge understood was all that I was able to do. And I died. And... since then, after that,... I've been afraid of power. I have been... ...petrified of power and actually petrified and fearful of myself. That's why most of my experience in the Dimensions have been from an observation perspective - observing... not participating because I... because I was afraid of myself - I was afraid of, you know, what I would be capable of doing. And only a moment ago, I realized that that anger, that that consummation of myself while I was here on Earth - which I'm still afraid of - was more because of a lack of power I had here on Earth. And that ate me up inside, the lack of power, while I was here on Earth as Adolf Hitler. And that's where the anger, the tap of anger became the expression of my being here on Earth - and I just meant insane, to a certain extent - yet sane at the same time. Now, I wasn't hilarious - I was very much aware of my actions and what I did - but, to a certain extent, that is able to be labeled as insanity. And... I participated in creation, in this forgiveness process that have been taken place over the past two and a half years and... You know, the irony of the entire situation... is that I've been trying to redeem myself... for Life, for Oneness and Equality, because it exist. I mean... it's just: how can a man like me, Adolf Hitler, ever stand in Oneness and Equality of Life, ever return to Innocence? You know, the experience I've had was... in this world, you can't imagine. You see what happens to human beings, you see what they're doing to themselves, you see what has become of this world, and... that anger grows inside you. It's as though... But it's not an anger: it's a wood of darkness that gives strength - it feels like a power - and it consumes you and you do these things because you see all that is able to be done is... is to fight the systems that have become human beings with its own creations. I know it will be difficult for you to understand... I'm trying to explain that the best as I'm able to. So, for these past two and a half years,... I've been... even after specific experiences I've had, I didn't feel worthy of Life, I didn't feel worthy of even Innocence. Because now, I realize that... I just didn't accept my Innocence, that my actions as Adolf Hitler here on Earth was over specific knowledge I had... and... all that I understood at that moment was able to be done, to get necessary to be done: to have humanity in this world to have money equally dispersed in this entire world because money is a source of problem in this entire world. And... then you look at... but what is this Innocence. What is Innocence? And I realized that... I've been so afraid and scared of myself in terms of what I am capable of doing that I've been suppressing myself extensively, I've been standing back extensively, only moving just a little bit... because of my own anger... of this world... But anger is knowledge, fear is knowledge, power is knowledge. So I realized in terms of my experience in this world and while I was in the Dimensions trying to "redeem" myself, to be worthy of Life, worthy of Innocence once more, I realized that everything of my past - of fear, of anger - come from a point of knowledge, and if I come from a point of knowledge, I'm not Innocent. How can you be Innocent if you have knowledge... or information? Let's look at a child for instance. A child, a young child is Innocent. Why? Because a child will go and play in sand - in dirty sand. The moment they're put down, they crawl in the sand and the grass and the dirt, exploring, discovering, playing, expressing. What the grown-ups do? Grown-ups have knowledge about sand: "It is dirty! It's got germs!" "I don't wanna get my clothes dirty! I don't wanna get my fingers dirty!" "Then I have to go and wash my hands again!" "I don't wanna go through all that! I'm not" "enjoying myself in the sand!" That's knowledge. In that moment, you are not Innocent because you are not able to express yourself unconditionally in Oneness & Equality with the sand because you've got preconceived ideas and knowledge about sand. So that's what happened to humanity: humanity has lost their Innocence. Dimensional beings have "lost" their Innocence, as I have. I really did. I mean, you look... I mean, look at me, you know, Adolf Hitler, look at what I've done, you know! There are beings who will say: "Ha ha ha! Adolf Hitler, Innocence?" "No, he should be sent... to the darkness and depths of Hell" "to burn forever and experience the torture and pain that has been inflicted" "by him upon others!" Why? You know, it's like human beings and dimensional beings - I was looking at myself because, well, I've been holding onto the past for so long... ...past - the past is knowledge, the past is knowledge and information. What about who I am now? Am I forever going to allow myself to be trapped and enslaved by the knowledge of the past? Am I going to allow myself to be trapped and enslaved by what human beings perceive me to be or think of me to be or judge me to be without taking a moment here to maybe hear what the fuck I have to say? You know, human beings are so stuck in their past - in knowledge, in information about human beings - they don't give a being an opportunity to speak - like me for instance! All these ideas about Hitler running in the mind. It's past, it's knowledge! In that moment, you are not Innocent! In the Dimensions, I haven't been Innocent because I've been holding onto my past knowledge of who I was. Thus I've allowed myself to give myself the opportunity to experience myself as Innocence, to Self Forgiveness. I think that would define the Law of Stupidity. This is Hitler. I'll continue in my next interview. Thank you. <i>transcribed by Christophe</i>

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Hi, this is Hitler again.

So I was where an anger consumed me and... I did what I... at that time of my knowledge understood was all that I was able to do. And I died. And... since then, after that,... I've been afraid of power. I have been... petrified of power and actually petrified and fearful of myself.

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