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3-Michelin star chef Massimo Bottura - Oops! I dropped the lemon tart recipe

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If you don't realize that in your life the most important thing is to leave a free space for poetry, you don't realize the value of your life. You have to leave a free space from obligations, from everything left to do, for the poetry. Sitting on a bench, waiting for the bus, seeing in autumn the leaves that are falling, and create thousand layers of leaves. Millefoglie di foglie. You know, but also, with the poetry you can imagine something, some mistakes, and understand that mistake is human and, in a certain way, is beautiful. So one day we were ready to serve the dessert, so Taka, that you know, he had to, he prepared two lemon tarts for the service. At the moment the service was ready, he dropped one of the two and he broke one of the two on the counter, and Taka was like, as a good japanese, he was ready to kill himself, and I said: Taka! No! Taka is so beautiful don't you see? With the zabaione, just made was splashed! So I said: look Taka, look! Look at this, this is just perfect! So what we did? We rebuilt the same situation in another plate, with all the same elements that were on the top of the lemon tart, and we rebuilt the same tart that we dropped on another plate, and we create the same situaton in the two plates that were ready to serve. So we just replaced the all lemon tart from the counter with all this different elements from south of Italy, the zabaione replaced, the zabaione very quick and thrown like that. I think that's the poetry of everyday life. You have to be ready to see things that others don't even imagine. Make visible the invisible, make visible the invisible. And that plate became an incon.

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Posted by: gabriella61 on Feb 23, 2018

3-Michelin star chef Massimo Bottura - Oops! I dropped the lemon tart recipe

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