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Global Lives: Rumi Nagashima, Tokyo, Japan

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Good morning! Wash your face eat breakfast brush your teeth, and then we get dressed! - Today is the day of the kanji test. - And now? - Today is the day of the kanji test. Sharpen your pencils and get your erasers. We're re- re- ready! - Let's go! Little friends from the first grade, come and let's dance! Little friends from the second grade, come and let's dance! Thank you very much. As long as it's larger than an elevator, it seems OK. Who's she? Who's the woman who was with you? Forget about it. Your younger sister? Forget about it. Your sister...She's so prissy? Sorry. Long time no see. They are part of an American NGO It's some kind of art... Yes, an art project. I'll get it. Can you reach? - I drank it, but it seems like I didn't drink it. That's it then. Thanks! How long does it take to get from here to your house? 5 minutes To the Shinjuku station please. Which way? If we go this way, where will you get out? I'll just make an U-turn over there and we'll get to the South gate. South gate. South gate on the Koshu Street. The Nakano and Sasazuka areas aren't so bad, but Shibuya is. There's a big difference in the rent. -Yeah Although it's just a difference in the location. I'm so tired! When does the next train leave? In 14 minutes. It's about to leave... I don't think there's time. How about the express train that leaves in 22 minutes? - Yes. Does it stop in Sasazuka? Yes, it does. Sorry, but they called from Niza and asked you to use the last car. Ok, got it. Sorry. No problem. Niza always asks me to use the last car. Really? - Yeah, they always put me there. They usually call the station I'm boarding at to tell me to get on the back - I'm really sorry. No, don't worry about it. It seems like in Niza they've got very few employees at the station. Hi, could I have the milk please? The small one is fine. That's it. Thank you. Here it is, thank you very much.

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Duration: 10 minutes and 25 seconds
Country: Japan
Language: English
Views: 1,439
Posted by: globallives on Jun 25, 2008

Rumi Nagashima was born in 1984 in Higashi-Koganei, a suburb of Tokyo, Japan.  At the time of the GLP shot, she was about to graduate from Atomi University with a degree in Management Studies, and had a job lined-up with Fujitsu as a systems engineer. Due to an accident in 2005, she lost the use of her right leg. Although Rumi can walk, she still uses a wheelchair to travel long distances. She has served as a Girl Scout mentor and has also lobbied towards the development of barrier-free cities that increase accessibility for the physically challenged.

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