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David Wilcock - Return to Camelot 10/15

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Guess what happens whith earthquakes, you dont get a big giant quake anymore, you get a bunch of little ones that dont cause any damage. You also see an enormous column of energy, hundreds of miles wide around the pyramid. This is not electromagnetic energy. This is the energy that Russians can measure which they call "torsion fields" or the time field. That energy column, that hundreds of miles wide energy column from one pyramid is enough to cause big stormfronts coming through to kind of go around it like there's a big circles there, they just "whoop" go right around it. It's crazy. It's been proven. What they also did is they took gian slabs of granit that they were gonna use to build these jail-cells in Russia, -that a lot better than an American Jail-Cell, isn't it?- ...take these granit slabs, they build 5000 prisoner cells from these granit slabs and then they watch these guys. They didn't do anything else to their environment, they didn't do anything else to their diet or their medication. Now, one could argue that maybe the prisoners were really happy, they had a nice granit... cell where they could hang out in. But that's not enough to explain what happened because they had a profound improvement in their attitude and behavior including substancial increase in adiction recovery from alcoholism and drug abuse. So all these prisoners that are living in these jail cells that were charged up with granit from the pyramid, that's all that it was, all their behavior starts improving, because they are living inside a harmonic resonating chamber. The granit crystals had actually changed their structure. If you think about how you magnetize an iron, a nail, you take a piece of iron, right, like a nail, and you start stroking it with a magnet, the more you do that, eventually it becomes magnetized and you can pick things up with it. But we know that the reason why that works is that all the molecules on the iron are now going north to south in their electrical charge in the same direction, that starts it to cause it to happen. So we know you can do it to metal, you dont see anything different about the nail but we know that it becomes magnetic because the atoms are changing inside. The pyramid does the same thing crystal. You put the granit crystals insode, the crystals change. I don't have it in the slideshow here, but the other thing they did was just to take a bunch of granit rocks and just throw'em over the floor and leave'em there. And what they found was that if they came back after a few months, the granit is usually of reddish color? They came back after a few months and there were rings in the rocks they had just thrown on the ground, and the rings were whiteish. The granit changed color, it actually changed from a reddish to a whiteish color in a ring. That's how much these fields change crystals and their actual structure. This proves, when you get to the point of earthquakes, and how earthquakes can be changed and reduced by the pyramids and how human behavior is improved by the pyramids, you just put those prisoners in those granit cells and they get much better. This proves that our consciousnes is part of the earth's consciousness. You harness the earth's consciousness with a pyramid, which acts like a funnel for this energy, the energy that builds each molecule for the pyramid is an energy that's in you! So the energy that makes you who you are, can be harnessed in a pyramid just by the fact that it's shaped that way because there's an energy that flows in every atom in that pyramid and if the pyramid is a perfect sphere, then it's gonna all flow in the same way, but if it's in a funnel shape it's gonna flow with a directional current. That's all it is, it's a funnel. It's very, very simple. This proves the connection between our consciousness and earthquakes, a connection between our consciousness and severe wheather, a strong likehood that our consciousness is directly affecting the earth. That's a very important point. Of course the greatest pyramid of all is not surprisingly called the great pyramid, and we know that when you go inside the great pyramid they had this sarcophagus that you lay on and the ancient thechnique was that it would cause you to have this meeting with your shadow, a projection of your shadow; you go into an out-of-body consciousness, and you go into this other realm which is time-space -as we would now call it- you encounter your shadow projection and if you can heal yourself, which means if you embrace your shadow... know, the best thing you can do if you are in a nightmare, and something is chasing you, and you are terrified of it, don't keep running, stop running, turn around, say "Who are you?" and "What do you want?" Don't be afraid at all, get rid of the fear. What you'll find is that if you're not afraid of it you are gonna star seeing it change, and the more that it changes the more you'll see that it's yourself, and when you realize it is yourself you embrace it, and there is this huge flash of white light, you have this amazing experience, you wake up in tears, many people have reported this. That's the integration process the pyramid is talking about. Except in the pyramid it is so powerful that you literally come out with ascended abilities you literally can do things that we would consider miracles. Such as telekinesis, levitation, instant healing, telepathy etcetera. Well, it's not everybody's experience. Napoleon went into the king's chamber. What do you think happens to a guy like that, when he spends a night in the sarcophagus? This is what he wrote after it happened, he was absolutely terrified, he had a horrible night. He never wanted to go anywhere near it again. So, I ask you this. When the apple fell in front of Sir Isaac Newton was that the first time gravity was working? No, it was the first time someone recognized that gravity was working. Is this presentation and the sicence that we have been putting together recently the first time that anybody has recognized this is working on earth? No. Alright, because what? Pyramids, global grid, everybody built'em on the grid. Why do they build them on the grid? Because they saw the apple fall. They knew that there was an energy responsible for that. Except that in this case it's not an apple falling, it's a consciouness rising. So, Have we seen the apple falling in modern times? The answer is no. We are trying to explain everything on electromagnetic energy and we dont understand that there's an energy beneath electromagnetic energy that is even more important. This really becomes a scientific validation of the idea of a higher power, that there is some divine intelligence, that there is more than just you and me, in separated brain pans and that's nothing else that's there. That's the old way of thinking. The new way of thinking is that consciousness is a field and that field must exist in the whole universe because consciousness is basic behavior of matter. So matter is not just in this galaxy, it's all over the place, it all seems to have similar if not the same rules, therefore consciousness is very likely to be everywhere. We are going to go back into 2012 now, we have built a lot of background for this, so let's go into 815 A.D. which is actually the first documented record of cropcircles comig down. Crop circles are not new and they have messages in them in the form of pictures written into crops, and those pictures would show us that there is somebody out there who wants us to figure out a puzzle, wants us to solve a mystery. 815 A.D. if you look at these lavish, sunny lovely quarters, -it's actually very gothic and gloomy. This is the archbishop of Lyon issuing an edict, called "Against the Foolish Opinion of the Masses about Hail and Thunder." People believed in cloud-ships from a place they called "Magonia" What do you think a cloud ship is? Do you think that's a cloud? (...) No. Think about it. A "cloud-ship" is not a cloud. A Cloud-ship is something that they see flying in the air and they say, "Well, clouds fly in the air huh? That's a cloud ship" And they believed that these clouds-ships were flattening crops into circles because the cloud ships says "Well, I'm gonna protect you from bad wheather but here's what you need to do for me. If I'm gonna to protect then you but let me flatten these circles out in the crops, It's kind of a weird deal to make with cloud ships but that's what they thought was on. Agobard issued a prohibition against any locals taking seeds out of the crop circles for pagan fertility rituals. So what that means is that people were getting a bliss hit from the energized crops, they would build little huts out of them in stuff and wanted to have a pagan fertility ritual in them. Which of course means, what were they doing inside a little grass hut? Hmm! I wonder... Hmm. So... that was purely subconscious, I have no idea what I'm doing there. Or I could go... No, there is no sub-text, I'm not giving any subtext. Obviously what's going on is that the farmers are getting really angry because they are losing their crops. So the farmers start saying "Hey, you guys, stop doing this." And they say "No, man! Check it out, the energy is amazing." And the farmers are like "Oh, my God!" So back then the church was basically the goverment so they go to the... .. basically the equivalent of the goverment and they said "OK, we gotta stop these people." So Agobard, being also the governor, basically, has to issue this prohibition. Well guess what it was all built around? It's built around crop circles. Perfect circles in the crops, TWELVE HUNDRED YEARS AGO! Are crop circles new? NO! Alright."Elferingewort" is a "faerie ring" a ring of daisies caused by elves' dancing. A legend that dates to the twelveth century. I found this on...

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David Wilcock en la conferencia "Awake and Aware"

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