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Zeitgeist 3: Moving Forward - Exposed

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[email protected] please contact us. This is automatic transcription done by youtube. We need to fix it first and then translate it to other languages I wouldn't feel good commercial really negligent they're responsible at this point in time to bring in another human being contradictory also utopian one st louis crucial local utopian most people when they give birth to a minute traditional self-serving established notion we're we're gonna have to do that and wait well with the carrying capacity of the earth to hell with the fact that we might be impoverished but dr for please going back to recruit republic of trade pulp charles darwin unreformed or exactly same gender to depopulation this is what all parents out there should be s it shouldn't be essential subsidy sit at a family every traditional show picture to have their two kids effectively something we demanded a fast to start thinking about his relationship to the fair alot as uh... feels billion any other before four that throat forcible problem reaction solution is devastating it's been used for as long as you can chart that you mean history and it goes like this um... you wanna change society or get people to accept something that in the normal course of events that would mix it so you don't say openly this is what we gonna do this is what we could do it you'd you play this technique stage one you create a problem you want to reaction at stage two from the public of outrage of classically at you want them to be the same sue the authorities do something or you want them to accept what the authorities suggest must be done so you can go to stage three which is to offer the solutions to the problems you have completely created you see that in the society we're not going to have moron and but you they would need to do some things to reduce world population because we are damaging the worldly our kids that kind of the deal uh... who is because you have an analyst uploaded uh... very recently and produce a net loss on created because to me uh... if you great begin at seven and a government history said that there is too many people battles uh... are are global law will be neat to if you want to know how to control the the uh... the birds of this world oh shit uh... static at the hai sin this the the wilson physicists with something for u crossed xxx for or high cruise crafts because p_c_r_ access to the agenda cynical baby started day one brycen imagination they had a an understanding of where this was supposed to go cast population expect that as product uh... technology work uh... established uh... foresters why it's probably just ac actually etc processes that cat xd occupation right jack track accusatory at educational values out at spice cake that pictures uh... foresight ac crash spot hit at pick cats visual instituted that same families and all that tool and it will be sending antes families through the house down launch vehicle onto you have a list of three describing a society in which children call disconnected from their parents sweated ready in the portrays on wed drugs are used to get the children's and as they become adults the whole populations of love that said that you do not rebel against it we are now seeing quite blatantly movements move children from their parents or cds hang out the by hand and indian on and steak he headlight pick bad cancer their at night backup captain happening it's what's being bought the baby holds yet with the family unit is something that that he's would get them um... on are not religious site uh... book religion school but also religious structures about being talented because they pull gather within that there can be drivers to u weight children family worldwatch they needed texture no matter what it is is uniformity viewpoint in school and everybody right to know limited a polite several struggles of the latencies you soviet was it was a centralized dictate effective way will suffer forfeited fascistic it centralized control taken with that self-pity unit all mutual support whatever you want to call it offers the opportunity for diverse city all all all debate dot the city u they want read off because they want the central point in the uh... the tyranny to dictate version of life himself but everybody has you know it's it's it's always uh... the case that tyrannies want uniformity do you believe that that's great news we can talk about of code likely in the next quarter century the next century quote promptly reply going i think it crew and the let people extremely important you know dot thinking about the problems not commitment that will be conducted vary greatly and then you have gone to convict notice you know uh... above the bed called me to try it buy don't be fooled and don't be fooled actually uh... the actual hampered by two album by my g him that i will read you have to be had to be imposed to control the world population and and and he believed that that the dixit and don't be fooled benefit and all the people one of the burning desire no smoking no beholder background this is a member of the pugwash conferences bertrand russell organization and uh... you know this whole thing about the uh... the world society over sterilization mechanics herman's bertrand russell who works as a scientific world society necessary to find ways of preventing an increase in the world population uh... intends to missus world governments up only of who believed that in right now and will be overpopulated and that we need alone to mention that the and not going to die begin they believe that the and kind of god and that we you when we drink than we had an issue patches coral systematic not hitch you'd population talking 'cause cat or accessed patch out okay help actually education are sparse modest wrote it a lot of this the best value our contacts with the people to get at least expected attack lock-step relationship chicago ccac child take a lot of stuff but actually gains pieces saying these has led the social workers are in fifteen years ago i before and the social engineers who said she was the function of the senate all very close to what you're saying about the seats all the other machine certainly you know about the socialists of fabian socialist in the engineers icy wells inadvertent solvency and about ninety percent five what you're saying at the end of site yesterday and uh... abbott overlaying it with government social controls to be able to structure dot but it so act surprised at this stage before that those people the highest estrada kill me arcata tried crazy idea car populations hearts asked is because a lot of things established i want to change that order as the populations of burke that http www hundred official delegates from one hundred and fifty nations who entered the room for the first international conference and will be human environment we have got mentally which stabilized populations with a more modest usa facilities and we cannot cheat i think if they were going to carry on with the same division as we have not productive two-thirds of humanity as i did it have been paying it again and again today it a pro-life ever unpacking favorites my friends they went to do it it's as simple as best montana condemned him unrepentant britain campground who might be going back to lou india grouping and difficult man activities including the ability to grow that in mind can become the handicapped people firmly filled with packwood put back into them eugenics with us for a very very long time deducted stabilize population out with the population in which the that's what left out of them one window with one of the student important isn't too much stuff potato estate libya's ambassador many of us indeed no prices climbing signals from approach screens at first it was course you had been expected mereko except for the thank you mr uh... children family fair dorothy's wife anchorman scott shield and uh... couple britain accused basketball and the rockefeller families the harriman the bookshelf for these people ball some very very famous thirty people involved in the fabian society including julian huxley who was the head of british jenks society's brother of us all to be wrote brave new world very accurate book cassie you what the agenda was kirkwood remotely said we'll have to go to the golden accident with the owner of the reasons and event because that means messages attitude of course the reverend his more regrettable bills on that means to me so wonderful beautiful buildings in miami's stabbing westward migration and visit them both coming into the movement of the women's so they didn't know who recently visited recognizes even oracle religion without relating lines of uh... forwarded it was reasons remains a very different with the new jersey program please someone other than the one that's even better than all of you were with me with bookkeeper profile of miracle drugs and i didn't hear that dividend reinvestment general quong that'll erin hayes india habitat for humanities more women in the government here is that it wasn't the reason for that navajo united nation just behind it is a strong visa lapd goes sandy's redeem them was done aa and then maybe have a lucrative darker dot and what here today uh... thumbing the people who believe is advocating for a twenty minutes will with making impact and uh... i believe the democratic uh... amytal opportunities actually happened for the kind of world and all of your manuel unit uh... and kidnappings and i want to do with north everybody vests america now are alcoholics dealer exploring etc optically pat placards talk about cannot speculate except canisters north korea china abstained uh... transpired on ask wise stashed or governments that then when it comes to changing in jeans and a child before birth that's the question high school student inherit them about the fact of the day it's called transit humanism altering the human body think biotechnology award-winning journalist and arthur ronald bailey analyze the affects of the question at high school first if the page in the fifteenth annual event professor myron but also says students will be confronted with this issue because of the new technology if you go up to twenty twenty-nine though our computers are not going to be these rectangle busted pocket they're going to be inside our bodies imprinted with too many times in project was on my own balanced that once you know where he is a little bit about the possibility within the clinton playing hastings changing stilts fans will eventually have the options of manipulating their d_n_a_ prior to having to specialist at the enter number brave new world and up in some ways it you're here you're entering a place to work uh... could you be manipulated by this could somebody say all i'm turning you off click entering you all so we really do a lot of internet things with our computers tecnologia though it's been a double-edged sword bright ever since we had fire and stone tools there will be as we will supply the funeral of more religious ceremony for more but the muscle one of the company century's most talkative and talked about doing assist brad yesterday names ninety cents in another group drugs bibles and gradually by selective breeding congenital differences between wristband with increase until they become almost different species reportable took lives with me come as unthinkable all things considered begins to practice and that highs o hyderabad can talk about dash unity then twenty the ideal challenger agenda yeah costs uh... left jewish scholars how you doing adecco co thing that is great that creepy idea humanities if it's breaking quote knowledge alright haha self-taught xx kurzweil talks about then you can see what the world between the the also the take a printout of an animal they like the dog prints and keep it alive with machinery bagged hard to keep me delivered a lot of all the other by new york itself nobody had never been able to do it with the brain and part of the reason is we must remember to bring his very delicately comes to experts and so we finally get it found that this brain uh... of a highly developed animal had brain waves biochemistry dysfunction he just doesn't work that we could talk to and we considered electrical signals we can show that they could actually hear it support but we didn't know it was process again if you can do it for camber could do it for the humor you don't know about the crowd enough wouldn't you couldn't prove whom doctor kermit being both remember that you wrote no particular dot went well summary ready without the program recruitment make people here have been molded musical group macon musician needing very significantly blood group consciousness mission personality when print streamlines worded this spring as sisters and spears some of them negotiated argued he can be transferred old poverty you because people have for america promotion thoroughly powerful life for functionality where statement the way you know on emotional issue or we're all the problems emotional packaged for but here it campaign cantaloupe recruitment network work domestic eggplant concept cock him i kept wilson yeah but parkinson's text software uh... watch dot happens family who really pioneers in a brave new world volunteered to be ruth enter who have microchip identification devices implanted into their bodies i think it's a technology that uses tiny computers the size of the greatest and reconsider hooked up to miniature intends to change that information about ideas and distance the latest technology frank and i think he told the police have prayed and i think people in the process is actually the infant adoption it you can actually invent directly into human flash uh... it's eight tiny class capsule emphasizing the grain prices contains a crybaby computer chip out with a quote antenna indications that information also at a distance and one of the future of occasions of this i mean i drivers and that'll be a little more than to just over there holding your hand or a hundred or above and your computing campus at the time he was access control that some people are matching profiles so new getting your front door mat and like a home automation system knows that you and sets lighting and music and not have a preference in west palm beach florida a hundred elderly men and women diagnosed with alzheimer's arnelle walking around with microchips indebted other their skin and more are on the waiting list alzheimer's community care offers this service for free that've honorable person and that is not always able to define what's wrong with them and being willing to waive emergency room efficiency and effectiveness is the most important ways industries live you can implanted inside stuff like that decision eventually the final copy planet trial won't effect here similar to control the ship for the first lady u_s_ destroyer bodily functions and your voice and your movement so that uh... within you right now my mind is telling my body to talk to candidates applying my mouth with the words that giving to you and the mine could also learn to say to the chip thought there are certain webpage davos reverberation answer and supply to the inside of my do you believe that you can and you're going to be actually able to tell your mind detroit ship too to provide you with information that you didn't speak saw on this program has to be great for me if it'll chip in there if i didn't know something i could say see that you would have to say out loud i just think it are you a if they didn't give me an answer search it was a tiny miniaturized horrify deeper radio-frequency identification microchip eleven on it is by one millimeter it's about the size of a grain of rice and that was sitting there by a penny to uh... to give us overall perspective of the size of the leti implanted under the skin how it gets injected just like getting a shot of penicillin or any medicine he would get on the doctor's office it goes into operate arm which is the area that are physicians have chosen for ease of access as well as biocompatibility garnished showed how this works if you've got a scanner here you have they chipping plant engineering underneath you write on the right i'm your power up a scanner innocently standing on and once you skinny arms they'll see that the identification and then i will on the laptop period of its up to it says seven out of it doesn't tell me anything about your health condition update from that number they accessible correct that's correct if you go into further detail on the database about scott silverman about my driver's license information about medical information financial information and a lot of security information for ingress and he dressed in the facilities withholding any news unit for that used several islam skimpy balls removal reply again and you'll need it facility under satellite became piracy we know it again not be here at home watching it c_e_o_ spread hear the sound of a background people saying big brother too much information a little scary spark well you know it's interesting i used to get the question a lot two years ago today we've got a lot less in fact obviate army general mexico on some of his staff have received this trip for security purposes and when the acceptance rate of the product goes up significantly like it has some of the privacy concerns for the best okay so those are the classes are cool show up at all either externally but you should be a new and that's what frightens me scientists analyzed that it is absolutely true an absolutely possible for human being to be have a chip embedded in their system and a half many many things appear in their mind upon command i stopped recessions artist ok attraction not however it is relevant to today company and how it not and relevant discussions re-education really communicate leverage lines that means today ethel evolved into network bully endangered inventor let's say if you live association he tended area i mean i love it the languages that well into the habit uh... you know anything about convenient eugenia lawton bombs they were babies and comes from anne fabian society in which was formed in incriminating eighty four the fabian society was named after roman general name of uh... printers babies and he was uh... famous in history for defeating his enemy uh... not by beating him on the battlefield but by the wearing him down in delaying tactics snuggly would wear his enemy down by refusing to make any frontal engagements that they didn't selected him as their symbol or the symbolic name on parked they objected to the landowners not on the basis of their goals of collective is a because they agreed with that they were saying the millennium as you people are stupid you're going about it in the wrong way you are trying to conquer the world and make a new world order based on the model collective isn't through force and violence and bloodshed and quick revolution that's the wrong way said the proper way is patient graduation they said let's follow the model or the tactics of clinton's failures and delay and delay so there's no confrontation and drag it out over a long period of time instead of confronting your enemy ahead on we will infiltrate these institutions we will move our people into these government agencies into israeli officials commissions into his and charitable organizations which was corporations and grandeur convert other world yahoo independence welded when they were formed of course that was such well-known people is uh... i want to point b_ famous historian george bernard shaw uh... h_g_ wells miles north of the property was the shape of things to come his final vision was done loveland co violence but also the possibility of mine writing in nineteen thirty three wells predicted an apocalyptic world walls infrastructures uh... strongly so that you really get a little pockets of surviving humanity feudal society is basically lady people productive this wells prophesied a new consciousness within the spearheaded by a visionary in the it would take control of the weapons of war and create the wound state disagreement they stopped is fine and pacified people and to lead the to a new world with a bill to do uh... technology ones by the middle of the twenty first century well conditions of peace liberated from rome patients in the dorms with scientific marvel k it israel it do you recall that term problems alternation predicted programming which means it through fiction ought to be good enjoy yourself having entertained we are going to convert your your sensor parking lot and it's not working i was not working european unloaded the computer resulted in the washington d_c_ using your identified if you're thinking of the harem as people between these days and all that stuff at once identified in the characters because you can get your anywhere marla carter does because it was a identified as much work when he didn't take it that much and do the the the k k the would be cut cut but bobo k uh... here it optician throughout uh... crash corp here america at acta place lecture soccer scratch court i would agree part legacy by-catch starts to pick up kocher attack hot body bailout cops package purposeful talked about on this clack clack twenty-twenty out her country shorter interview included time people history create inconceivable vastness came at politics movie industry there and that you're going to at separately this is what works best for him energy promoting minorities u period that you think version of the government to review it corrupt all over and above some stop because unlike our perfect society they were unable or unruly to balance population to consumption lee who was uh... here how many people didn't he no territorial dispute even cell-mediated can't all that so many people political advantage uh... m disease validated evening well turbidity he he he he and he it is end up going to be needed and indeed the indian individual the movement report the el nino understand mohammed apt required popovic program itself is not secret at that moment economic upturn in the parking partner of uh... or published waiting for into nineteen forty nine senate contest answering along later singlet admired both and entered into dialogue which version was more compelling more relevant spots and maintain it was far more likely that the future would consist totalitarian dictators who would realize that the most effective way to continue to would be inculcated method whereby we would love our servitude rover interesting b you remembering me river unit brenna movement brittain normandy being you brenner mariner mahendran story comes from afrikaans there if k you november in new orleans said for was and realism landon style it ready heart first i would like to see all the members of the movement uh... wearing you know that i guess you charts and you know witness i guess movement bumper stickers on the cards you and interested fancy fifty three fifty uterine configuring remove reasonably really relieved remembered that in then through the the nineteen eighties more friendly unit humanitarian of dr maneuvering revision with him then status mandarin karen giddings perfume currently running remove these meridian in the bangor strictly review maje dr anything there intriguing probably have been perfectly condition throughout hollywood hair and to evaluate what we want and are therefore always happy beyond federalized agents will pray too destructive emotion and even collecting into groups called family a progressively more concept of priest of a lifetime the high technocrats casual uh... docs akka patch solar panel election pilot luck hand-in-hand alcoholic box damage on as a portion alec manhattan unless uh... action check had password and line automatic weapon benjamin netanhayu can only lecture costs fair for rear for we'll friday up you know from as a topic c_r_ or japanese official property telephone further movement anything park planetside united nations world japanese also bob forty second street between five th avenue at least murder in new york pewter skies fretboard occupies six block running nora reporting three mistaken what happened about faq gifted job rockefeller drug and thought that difficult problem for the u_s_ one of the major aspects of collective wisdom is that it's based on the principle of the individual must be sacrificed if necessary for the greater good of a greater number you find that under all forms of collective ism whether it be nazism communism fascism socialism armed nato communism whatever you wanted to all of these forms of collective business have that fundamental a philosophy of ideology now that sounds pretty good to many people it's not a good to me when i was in school and learning about the greater good of a greater number after all uh... we've been taught that we live in a democracy and therefore the majority should ruling on the stains but some very good if you don't prove to deeply and and so many people think that that's a good concept but it's a terrible consequently when follow it which was because you see there's no such things as well discoveries existed sits on the line of those workgroup isn't structure stands and reasons means transfusions existence fan hadn't been environment response thing and misinformation hanging vamsi specifically is similar to the concert surface c forested salem before switching off trees only three chancellor for instance this abstractions concept of many trees in the same thing instruments was with groups of has rights world since their instead of such thing really dealing with the concept of of many individuals having somehow more rights and then a smaller group of individuals and so that ready if you follow it all the way to escort is a question of mathematics here that collective is is based on the substance uh... that uh... three people uh... really have the right to tell two people what to do regardless because there's three against two and want to boil it down to the issue of mathematics falls apart because uh... women rights are not based on mathematics braunwynn when we were going to get to the u_n_ in march of nineteen beard there barbara there where where there will be or will green various you'll world war one dr work to united nations resolved the ball even though the denied that that these the a little more terry wilbert bolden occupant right veto were both on the international reasonable especially bundle one he'd hit mhm system it's he first yesterday series he and used hidden it's he he with these stiff before or or development described the and almost lost in the financial system in america and the world wednesday materialism and so on given by the press act and a great alicante science to it in the last part of um... penis projects experts estimate that assign i'm not sure all it's not exacting science i don't think that the advances overlooking pool can necessarily described on a stage by you right now by anybody else they may be things outside apartheid way of thinking will obviously just doesn't make decisions was forced to do and organized of the woman novels festival alarms and we can read from their home webpage full monopolist uses support non-governmental compensations developments of creative ways to prison messages connecting that to heart is from the white community monopolistic provides for triples organizations wilson actually for creative proposals that serves its purpose build you go to the west side and check out these financial support you will see a lot of environmental problems organizations citizenry piece but more importantly to world wildlife fund's the main on nasco holding missions wish are not protected the deciding to another quick made me think about me fine here we've not been vetted anything intended the credibility of the barnett listening environmentalist movement with compact that julian huxley it with the founder of the eugenic ninety ewwww and then andy out of overnight bank cheque actually off being from that you can pretty citizen was also word for the first two films sciences use them participants which also substantial back nations couple friends with those people will come from the wrong with each quote for this is the only energy company that's part of the local contact sports on c_n_n_ but that's not as part of the social the socially conscious provides services stores dishes apartments for this position folks disinterest this is a platform that the jury is a test used to be reports saying cells print newspaper gives you a proof together video you know you've got backing i rele than other people who are making the videos lifting the future and dislike the present two hours and can you do the educational forum unsolicited with on one like toys peter joseph films director and evenings and expect out from behind his electoral unquote forward earnestly on this page the new york times two thousand one moogaloop is three oh three sometimes in relation to science and technology shows the different plant the seed and applied science of technology it proceeds to prove it grows according to the rules of its own being and elizabeth's being are not necessarily the same as the rules of out of the said nothing is easy of course them too uh... to enunciate ideals and to say we wouldn't have been nice if a group of people group and kind blood pigment etc et-cetera closer to the very nice but at the bundy how do you implement these ideals are duplicate your groups social influence psychological intentions and when you come down to this problem is he's a pretty complex problem organizing family life organizing education organizing sexual life victory ordinances but civil will actually happen like that now though i am going to try another provided that could allow that to happen we all know that could take a break a cataclysmic right would be higher hero organizing social and economic right here in these factors involved in this man to try to workout sort of these factors should be zip i must say i kind of a very interesting jobs back in nineteen sixty five the department of health and education and welfare eighty w sponsored a study to define how they're going to get somewhere where they were there in nineteen sixty-five where we are now the twenty first century they came out with a report in nineteen sixty nine called the behavioral science teacher education program that's not employees in a grade within our educational programs and this is what they said i want to have you here longer that because you will not believe what they plan to do back in nineteen sixty five sixty nine and what is happening actually two days he said calculations of the future and how to modify it or no longer considered to be an obscure academic pursuit long-range planning and implementation of plans will be made by a technological started reading the this whilst brady democratic bad word to the report deposited at the glove atrophy as more and more enjoyed a very major danger keep sustenance worked as a means test it in the end of living will be many more people to begin this week every dollar in the will provide the great importance to keep social position and disruption at a minimum as more legal carried society's burns the resulting in personal manipulation of more people's lifestyles will be softened by provision of pleasure seeking and guaranteed physical necessities the society will be a leisurely warm people will study play travels i will be in various stages of drug-induced experiences each individual will receive a birthday multi-purpose identification which will have amongst other things extensive communications and withdrawal uses each individual be saturated with five years of information this will be self-selected overtime for the info forwardly by those lists of the responsibility for the others as wrote the withdrawal with rosenbaum with him the controlling illegal engage in power plays martin without the involvement of malls of the people another courtroom today most people have no idea what's going on in the international arena have none almost all of this would be done in secrecy we recoverable several shel willing please gullible we want to human being big daddy to come along and he could have been great prisons loans we believe that were always basically get shafted level they wanted to make world didn't seem to be part of me money it's about themselves about their vision of how they want to see the world their eyes and uh... you know you wouldn't believe and individuality in person being dumb usually done prison today we live in the world institutions of the not people the only greater good for the greater number really comes from the concept of individualism when you do not even majority to to take away the rights of the property of the minority if you hold up the individual as the supreme element in society instead of the group that philosophy under that ideology now you do actually have the greatest good for the greatest number didn't control people choose backed out of politics politics no i hate politicians it's all dirty work and so forth and we get back to wait and let the collective is to love that kind of work takeover suddenly dawned on me that's why we're losing we didn't have it but they here no here here camera click like cape cod dispute days blackness happened behind with within who've been banned from and then when they can't take it anymore the risen up and at great costs and blood and treasure they may have been able to overthrow sent around the caribbean and then did wake up and find out that a year or two later and replaced it with one just which we want a protector we don't want it the state governments what we wanted to do is to protect us to protect our lives liberty and property nothing more now we call that a protector and to get rid of this word called government and it causes us to think of the two purpose of this thing called st and so that's an important part also we have a creed we know what we believe in and we put those two things together we've got a positive view of a better way and we have paid mechanism infiltrating the mess that that's the word in a new users infiltrating i don't like it but going into organizations that we should have any into all along we should have been in politics which would have been under school boards we should have been uh... in the city council we should have been and all these places go back into those areas taken back where are we going to go over there and revenue critical right here all right carpet over a jury that is that you can't have it a bit of the population and i'll be happy and that quote new world order cut by all these idiot out there that for me to death

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