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What is SiteSearch

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[♪upbeat music♪] [ADOBE TRAINING SERVICES For Omniture technology] Hi, everybody. This is Doug. Today we have another installment in the What Is series, and we're going to talk about Omniture SiteSearch today. What is Omniture SiteSearch? Omniture SiteSearch gives marketers the ability to control and optimize the search results on their sites. It also gives them greater control over the search experience with presentation and navigation features designed to spotlight and guide visitors to the most relevant information. It's integrated with Omniture SiteCatalyst, and it dynamically promotes the most successful products, services and content to the top of the search results using analytics-derived metrics like revenue, conversion rates, page views, etc. Like our other Omniture products, Omniture SiteSearch is part of the Online Marketing Suite and sits over here in the Optimize section with the other optimization products and helps optimize the experience of the end user on your site; in this case, of course, as I mentioned, getting them to the right information fastest and providing them with the answers that they need and that you want them to find the fastest that they can. A couple of high level, cool things about SiteSearch here. It provides you with business rules that are based on SiteCatalyst metrics which automatically promote the highest performing content to the top of the search results, as I mentioned. So it is really integrated with SiteCatalyst so you can use the metrics for your website to be able to decide what's going to show up in the search results. A dynamic navigation and content presentation guides visitors to the most relevant content and products. You can index and categorize both structured and unstructured information to make sure it is easily accessible via the search and, of course, display related contents and products and those kinds of things, really providing them with search results that will get them to the stuff that they need and that you want them to be able to see. As you can see here on the right, we have a screen shot of the metrics setup. So you see here we have a primary metric that you can set up, and we've selected Orders. And then you can apply secondary metrics. So you can promote the top performing products or content in SiteSearch by using these metrics that are defined by you, the marketer, and you don't have to go in to the code and do this. This is all in this interface. You can create ranking rules, and you can set the waiting on different metrics in here so that you can really get them to the right stuff based on the metrics that are important to you on your website. In fact, you can see the third bullet point, you can even target the ranking rules to different visitor segments. So very cool stuff. Here we see that we have some refinement options. And so you can really guide the visitors to the most relevant content or products by enabling these refinement options, again based on what you want--different categories that you have set up, different metrics that you have defined in the setup for SiteSearch. So you can automatically display dynamic refinement options like size or brand or price, any of these things we have over here on the right, for example. And you can see this is for products as well as it is for content, so SiteSearch is really that all-in-one on-site search solution for you if you have products or content or both. One of the things you want to be able to do is to engage visitors by controlling and changing the presentation of the search results, okay? You really want to be able to control what they're going to see in the search results based on the business rules related to the type of search or related to the visitor and maybe demographics based on the visitor or based on their behavior on your site or the context of the results. So you'll be able to drive support-based searches directly to self-service content in this example. You can drive them to the right products in a product gallery type example. You can even highlight promotional offers on the landing page, and this is even on the landing page of your site as they come in to your site from other searches like Google and Yahoo and MSN or Bing or whatever. You can also have AJAX-driven content on your site that is optimized by SiteSearch because of the business rules and settings that you provide to SiteSearch. As you can see here, you not only have the products available in this Search Results page, but you also have other information on the right. You might have how-tos or simulations or getting help and you might have downloads and all kinds of different things there. You can even have related type products and accessories on the bottom. The main thing here is being able to help visitors quickly find the most relevant products or content or services by presenting all the search results. And after you have provided them with this information, of course you want to be able to analyze the behavior and be able to see how the visitor has engaged with your search. You can track Search Results pages to analyze the visitors' search behavior. You can determine which search terms drive conversion for individual products or product lines or categories. So you can look at the keyword and you can use the different icons here to break down a keyword by products or product lines or categories based on your site setup and how your products are defined in SiteCatalyst. You can even compare website search behavior to the browsing behavior to determine the most effective paths to conversion. So you want to see, is my search working better, is my browsing taxonomy working better, and really see what is driving the success on your site. So again, SiteSearch is a great way for you to optimize the search for content, for products, for a mix of both of them on your site to be able to understand how your visitor is engaging with the search on your site. [♪♪] [Adobe]

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In this episode, you will find out what the Adobe SiteSearch product is, and how it can help you.

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