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I'm losing my job I have no money and the car that I have is for sale. lucky i was selling it, she got my phone that appeared in the auto poster. with that silly human need not to show the bad things, but if there are. Why you have to be hiding all the time and all the time making up us? Right? There is a phrase which here says: "if there is misery, better hide it" MY MISERY Right now I'm looking through the window. I can not believe how happy I am. I have lived life with a huge degree of dissatisfaction. I never understood that there is a chance to enjoy what you have. And do not be all the time yearning for what has not. But I am Who's getting married? She is pointing me. You have to say the name. the Chinese And how is called the Chinese? Jessi With whom do will contract marriage? Whit me I am a person who hardly i think all has to do with a consequence I think it all has to do with a sequel. Generally you build ... , it's like planting and harvesting. When I realized I was building my life now the way I want to. And I want to live a normal life, I have to live with many things. I have to generate an internal hue to be socially acceptable, and also can accept. If she accepts telling me all my miseries, the road is easier. not understand for that you are mediocre one has to go hand by hand with what you have beeing happy I'm Making a road, and finishing it, I stopped and i said. "And am ready to meet you" And she appeared All the previous time it was in the "meantime" do the things like a duty, this ends up responding to that many "to go and to comeback" in my life. and why i definitely accept myself as i am There is a phrase which here says: "if there is misery, better hide it" Definitely if there is misery, better show it, definitely.

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Duration: 4 minutes and 55 seconds
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish (Spain)
Producer: Francisco Montoro
Director: Francisco Montoro
Views: 57
Posted by: franmontoro on Apr 4, 2014

Documental que aborda el analísis de una persona sobre sus miserias antes de casarse.

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