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Welcome to the Rav's weekly message. This week the Rav reveals how the month of Gemini helps us to overcome diversity by connecting to the power of fusion. Gemini. Diversity and Fusion. Today my friends, today! With this new concept, which is four thousand years old, from a kabbalistic point of view. But only recently does science begin to understand that everything around us, everything we have become accustomed to will disappear. There will be a whole new universe. Sounds almost like a fiction story, coming from some scientists? Yes. And I urge all of you, to begin using your internet for the new word. The new word that has emerged from Kabbalah. Which already has been four thousand years old. Nanotechnology. What we have this month, you can't have it any other month. Where the force of fusion; some of you know what fusion means, you know, that is a term that does not exist among science, for they know it could never happen. Some wild ones think about it. Fusion. To fuse the immaterial with this physical reality. How do we know that fusion is a reality? So we jump to another section of Abraham the Patriarch when he says: {.....Hebrew.....} The letter Zayin and he formed, {.....Hebrew.....} Gemini. What's so Gemini? The idea of Chesed and Gevurah, proton and electron, right column and left column. Diversity. Something wrong with diversity? No. But diversity does not create unity. Diversity, seems to be an eternal description of this universe. And, reveals this book of formation, that, do we want to achieve the fusion of the Light, the Light Force of God, into every material aspect within this universe? That fusion must first come about by the fusion of these two forces, very distinct forces, known as right column and left column, left hand, right hand. How? How will fusion ever emerge? Must there be eternal conflict? For there has been, since time immemorial. Doesn't seem to end. There will always be diversity. Is there something wrong with diversity? Yes, when it brings it into conflict. But when, we can fuse, proton and electron my friends, says science, you have utopia. All of the difficulties that we experience in our daily life existence will disappear. Time, space, motion, you name it. How do you fuse? Science doesn't know it yet. In fact that's why they don't know what the neutron in the atom is about. We do know; central column. Restriction, one word. Restriction. Someone humiliates you, you restrict. What does that say? Or you can say 'Look I'm God how can you ever humiliate me?' right? Or 'I don't have'. I see someone has something I don't. If I want it I can have it because I'm God. So, if we became like God, we would have no problems. It is only because we lack, because we are envious, we are jealous, we hate. All forms of anti-restriction. But the moment one will exercise restriction, cease to hate, cease to be influenced, to be reactive, you then fuse. You fuse the diversity. They remain diversified, but as a unit, not as two diversified entities that go off and fight in every direction, wherever diversity can creep in. This month is unusual, because we are given the benefit of being presented on a silver platter the energy of fusion. How do we take advantage? Ana Beko'ach and many of the other tools that we use, here. Because in the final analysis, my friends, there isn't a person or a thing in this entire world that will be able to remove chaos except by ourselves alone. Discussion Points. What challenges are you facing in your life? What steps will you take to 'fuse' and transform them from darkness to Light? What day-to-day opportunities arise where you can instill a consciousness of restriction? For more information on fusion and removing chaos from our lives read "Nano: Technology of Mind Over Matter" by Rav Berg. For more information

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