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HOW TO COMMUNICATE YOUR STRENGTHS IN A JOB INTERVIEW You know this is the job for you. Here is how to convince the person during the hiring. You will need a job interview, a few job skills, some good qualities, a thesaurus and time to prepare. Step 1, determine what your strengths are include specific skills like professional HTML as well as general qualities whether is being a big picture person or having great attention to detail. Step 2, now currently it skills to the current opening, think hard about how all your abilities can be put to used on the position you want. Ask friends and coworkers what they see as your strengths, their answers may help you see yourself in a new light. Step 3, prepare for difficult questions. If you quit your last job to follow a banter on tour, be ready to put a positive spin on it, perhaps you are considering writing a book about the experience rather than just moving on. Step 4, get up the thesaurus and look for words to describe your interviewer to honesty shape you as hard working, dedicated and team player. or else you'll manage what to say "I work hard, yeah, yeah". Step 5, come up with concrete examples of your attributes, for example, if you plan to say I am a good manager, be ready to follow it up with proof of how your spur people into action. During the interview, be confident but not cocky, overconfidence is just as unappealing as its opposite. Step 6, turn negatives into positives, if you're asked why you only stayed in your last job for six months, say was a bad field and you didn’t want to remain I where you felt you couldn't do your best. Don’t badmouth your former employer, no matter how tempting. You’ll look unprofessional and give to the interviewer reasons to suspect you are difficult to work with. Step 7, if despite all your preparation a weakness is revealed during the interview, don’t panic,only your weaknesses can be a strength. Acknowledge them and say how you've learned to overcome them Did you know, “so why don’t you tell me about yourself?" Is the most frequently asked job interview question.

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Tips for job interviews

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