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Petr Mach at UKIP national conference 2010

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Subtitles by and We share with them the belief in the free market and share their euroscepticism. Having left the Czech ODS Party at the end of 2007 when it signed the Pact of Lisbon Treaty, in 2009 he founded the Czech Free Citizens Party and was elected its leader. And I am delighted that he has agreed to co-speak today. Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for Dr. Petr Mach. Thank you very much. Mr. chairman, you Nigel, ladies and gentlemen, I am very pleased and honoured to have been invited to this conference, to speak here along with your distinguished speakers and to address an audience with whom I share fundamental political ideas of freedom and national independence. I come... I come from the Czech Republic representing a small, recently established, political party called the Free Citizens Party. My party is very similar to yours, not only in its attitudes towards the European Union, but also regarding texation, energy, and other issues. I suppose that for most of you the Czech Republic is associated with Vaclav Klaus, our exceptional President. And I am proud that I come from the Czech Republic, a country whose President audaciously unveils the truth of European integration, who understands its substance and who is able to question the false political correctness of the EU in a language clear of the modern euro-speak. Last year President Vaclav Klaus stood against the Lisbon Treaty as the last European statesman, and we were all sad when he eventually signed it. But we don't blame him. We understood that he couldn't hold against both Chambers of the Czech Parliament and the Constitutional Court. He definitely did his best. In order to contribute to the efforts represented by President Vaclav Klaus, UKIP and other forces that strive for free competition and national sovereignty, we have established the Free Citizens Party. So now we promote the ideas of freedom and national independence alongside you. We are... We are happy that we are not alone, that we can look up to UKIP, for us a role model party, which has taught us that standing firmly for the ideas of independence and freedom is not only a good thing, it is also viable. You have succeeded in the European Parliament elections; and your success and increasing popularity prove that one day, through persistence and political steadiness, we can also succeed. So let me start with the basic observation regarding the very substance of the European Union. Adam Ferguson, 18th century Scottish philosopher, as well as later the Austrian economist Friedrich August von Hayek, discovered a very important distinction between human action and human design. Human action is responsible for many benign and time-proven institutions in human society. They include Family, Market, Sunday or the Nation-state. These institutions are the product of human action. They have evolved over centuries, with no concrete human creator who designed them. On the other hand, there are institutions that are the result of human design. These social constructions are often harmful. They are based on the assumption that some big-headed individuals, social engineers as Hayek called them, know better than millions of independent people what is better to do. The well-known examples of human design in Hayek's time were central planning of the economy or the Soviet Union. A modern example of a bad institution based on human design is the European Union. The EU is a mistake. The EU is based on the assumption that the central Commission in Brussels knows better than millions of individuals what is good for them. This could be theoretically true, if the Commission were endowed with divine intelligence. But I am afraid that this is not the case. In normal circumstances, humankind is protected against such conceit by separation of powers and by diversity of the centres of political decision-making. But the EU is based on centralisation and on oppression of inter-jurisdictional competition. Therefore the possible mistakes of the EU have more serious consequences than those of a national government, which is subject to the separation of powers and competitive environment. If my government for instance makes a mistake, say in its fiscal or economic or immigration policy, it can have bad consequences for me and my fellow citizens. But as for other nations, they are not only safe from our mistakes, they can even learn from them. However, if the EU makes a mistake in its policy, then not only it falls upon half a billion people, but it is also very difficult to recognize. Without being able to compare different policies, we can hardly recognize the drawbacks of the EU regulation. Or at least most of the people. If a baker at the corner makes bad bread, we can go to the shop of his competitor. If the EU makes bad legislation there is no escape. The EU is based on the increasing monopolization of power, and this lack of competition increases the number of bad decisions. Instead of monopolization, we need competition and freedom to choose. We need tax competition, monetary competition, as well as a variety of energy and immigration policies. We need independent nations in Europe instead of the monopolistic super-state. We have learned that the EU is not reformable. It is causing more and more damage. Therefore the only way to reintroduce accountability, healthy competition and freedom is a unilateral secession from the EU. My second remark or second observation is about the future prospects of the EU. Big empires have always eventually destroyed themselves by huge bureaucracy and inability to enforce their own rules. The EU still exists, but more and more individuals and member states don't comply with its rules. No one is keeping the budget deficit in line with the so-called Stability and Growth Pact for instance. The Euro-zone member states are pouring money to Greece despite the explicit ban of financial assistance embedded in the treaties. These are clear symptoms that the EU is approaching its own end. One day the president of the European Union Mr. Rompuy will end up like the last president of the Soviet Union. One beautiful day, Mr. Gorbachev found that he was the president of a virtual entity that all members had left. He simply stopped receiving his salary. And I look forward to the day that Mr. Rompuy finds he is not able to get any more money from us.

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Petr Mach at UKIP national conference 2010

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