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How to bypass Internet censorship? – Anonymity

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The Net is controlled by a variety of entities. The most obvious is your Internet Service Provider, and they control traffic according to their own acceptable use policies. But as far as ownership of the Net a lot of that belongs to governments who control the entire communications infrastructure in a given country. They may also place pressure on Internet Service Providers and others for various motivations including thwarting activism or regular police activities that are quite legitimate. Because the government not only censors the cyberspace but also tries to penetrate to users personal informations. So it's very important for the users on the ground to protect their privacy. To be anonymous on Internet. It is possible to stay anonymous in the Internet but it is difficult and you have to understand what the Net works like to stay fully anonymous. So the government, like Iranian Government, Chinese Government or Cubain Government, they are trying different ways like man-in-the-middle attack or different ways like fake https certificates. They are trying to have your personal information. So that's very important: That you know how to defend yourself, how to protect your privacy. So people often have a subjective feeling of anonymity on the Internet because you don't always have to sign your name on things. And you can access things without saying who you are. So it can feel very anonymous. Certainly, compared to everyday life, using the Internet feels very anonymous. Technically anonymity can be very difficult because even as you feel anonymous you're often leaving traces behind that could identify you in the future. There are lots of tools you just need to have the knowledge to get advantage of it. The Internet may feel anonymous, without any effort, but it really isn't. Your Internet Service Provider can see what your doing, they may sell that information to advertisers. Your location is broadcasted, your physical location is broadcasted, with IP-address. So you have to use tools that protect your anonymity, you have to think about your behaviour online. Even if you have a really good tool that provides anonymity, if you use it to tell people: "Hi, I'm Bob Smith. I live 101 Maine Street.", then it's completely useless.

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Country: Germany
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Posted by: bypasswebcensorship on Mar 8, 2011

How to bypass Internet censorship? – Anonymity

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