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TV News Anchor Proposal On The Air (CNN)

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hey, welcome back everyone. We have so much going on today. and little rock and... sports is like taking over the show. Well, you know, we got a lot going on. We got Morgan on the night, Twisters playing, Traverse on the road... - Breaking News! - Uh-oh. Oh, my gosh. You guys are doing great job. Enjoying the sports today, weather about, I might have to relieve you into your duty right now. Thank you very much. I'm Pete Thompson and you know Courtney Collins is my girlfriend. and few things I need to say to her. So, you are welcome to join us here. - Courtney, - Oh, my goodness. I wanna tell you how much I love you. and I wanna tell you that you've been such a wonderful girlfriend to me. and I just wanna say this past years we've been together, been wonderful which is saying a lot. you know, certainly 3 months and I lost my dad and we know that we both know you've been such a rock for me to lean on and lifted my spirit in everyway and your tremendous sense of humour, my favorite story is, you know, first time I ever saw you came around the corner in the news room and I saw your smile. It was a beautiful smile I've ever seen. and I'd like to say, you know, maybe the best parts about you are the things that I can even really explain. but I tell you one thing that you've taught me someday. that love is about filling each other up. and I tell you that is something that I wanna do for the rest of my life. Greg. very important question to ask you. Get down on my knees here. give me your hand Courtney, will you marry me? Oh, my gosh. Oh, good lord. There we go. It will work there. - I love you. - I love you, too. well, I'm out. So, do you need a final wrap for weather?

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Posted by: dharma82 on Apr 27, 2009

A man proposes to his girlfriend, a tv news anchor on air on KARK4. It was a huge surprise and is very "lovey-dovey"(totally not into that)

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