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Today I'm talking about the Macro function; a tool you use to take close-up pictures. It's a good time of year to use macro because it's spring and there are flowers everywhere, wonderful colours and all those feelings that come with spring! So, if you want to take close-ups you need to use macro otherwise you risk unfocussed pictures, like this, instead of sharp pictures, like this one. How do we find the macro function on our camera? The symbol for macro is a flower. On most cameras it's easily found because this is a tool a lot of people use a lot of the time, so it's important it's easily available. Look at your camera and see if you can find the makro symbol... Click on makro and avoid blurred close-ups and take sharply focussed close-ups. Exactly how close you can get varies from camera to camera and the only way to check your camera is to experiment, unless you want to read the instruction book of course! :-) This photo and the next one are taken with Samsungs super macro, which means you can get even closer. One click on the symbol = macro, two clicks = supermakro. Focus is very important when you use makro so remember... a green rectangle = a photo that is focussed, a red rectangle one that isn't Green is OK - red isn't OK It's often good to take 2 or 3 close-ups of the same motiv, because you don't know exactly how it will come out You can see here that the two photos have slightly different focus Remember that flowers aren't the only close-up object These 3 photos are taken in a tyre workshop, but of course, the most beautiful motiv, now in spring is a flower! And that finishes this presentation - Good luck! Bye for now!

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Duration: 3 minutes and 31 seconds
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish
Producer: Keith B
Director: Keith B
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Posted by: keibr on Apr 28, 2008

A short film in Swedish about the makro function in your camera

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