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Welcome to India Deaf Expo 2015! I will be responsible for providing the information about the expo events by mail or email. We will have the four major events in the expo. The first event will be exhibition. The second event will be competition, the third will be films, and the fourth will be shows. We will have 15 events or categories. Mime, drama, dance, fashion, magic, and others will be shown. In the fashion show, the winners will receive the first, second and third prizes. Maybe, we will have the magic show. The magicians can display their skills. One example is the magician can catch the snake that may scare you. But it’s just a magic! In the magic category, the winner will get the monetary award. Beside magic, we will have the different shows. So, there will be a total of 15 categories for the competition. The total monetary awards will be worth of Rs.2.5 laks. That’s a lot of money. Wow! I hope you will enjoy watching or participating in the competition. The contestants can participate in any category (one or more) and pay the individual costs. But the cost for the all the categories will be cheaper than the cost for the individual categories. You can pay Rs. 1,000.00 once and play in any category. It’s up to you to decide which one (just individual or all categories) you want to participate in. If you decide the individual categories, you will end up paying Rs. 3.000.00. You can save a lot of money by paying Rs. 1,000.00 once and play the contests. Okay? Maybe, you can find the registration entries on our expo website under the revolution 15. You can email us with your registration form for the events. Okay? The deadline for the discount registration rates is 31 Oct 2015. So, please register as soon as possible. How will you pay for the registration? You can see the payment system (bank) on our website. When you see the payment button, just click on that one, and email to us with the registration payment. I hope you will like the registration process. I want to add one more thing. Please plan about your food lodging in Coimbatore. You need to find out the hotels and the foods and pay yourself. Maybe, the cost for hotels and foods are not expensive in the area. You can afford to pay for hotel and food during your stay for the expo. All we can do is to help you to plan for your stay in the hotels. For any question or concern, again please communicate with us by email. We will see you all at the expo. Thank you.

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