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Alice Bailey comes back afterDeath teach: Relationships and Agreements 3 - Sexual Attraction

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Relationships and Agreements 3 - Alice Bailey This is Alice Bailey so I've- shared with you, a concise perspective of- my experience, with regards to and within relationships and agreements Yet! there is much, much much- much more to relationships, and agreements, that I will be specifically going into, and describing so that, you for 'yourself' will be able to determine this self-dishonesty- within the accepted and allowed nature of relationship within yourself and, your self-honest self-expression, within agreement Relationships: the primary construct of which, relationships- exists is within 'two' minds as 'two beings', defined- through and as their mind 'that' relates to each other so the relationship geometry is as follows: you have 'two beings' now the first point, of the relationship geometrical 'design', is two minds, that relate with each other that point, where- two beings spend time with each other and! suddenly, there is- 'an interest' that sparked a- a particular 'liking' and the 'more' you communicate spend time together the experience as though, something is 'growing'- within you both now within the relationship geometrical construct 'design' there exists a 'geometrical design' so it's a geometrical design within a geometrical design as I continue, you'll see for yourself so, so I was at two minds relating, then! the next point, is a- a a liking, that comes up, as a 'flowering' or a- or an 'excitement' within the liking an 'opportunity' opens up where both beings see: Hey! there maybe something here! because, I am suddenly experiencing myself, in- a certain 'way' towards you and, this must mean here something and, in seeing the opportunity the two start 'exploring' what they are experiencing inside themselves and, in this 'exploring' a curiosity ignite a curiosity, toward each other and, towards what each other, is experiencing within themselves while in each other's accompany and within those 'three points' connecting a desire manifest, within both once the desire manifest, within both beings this activate, the third point of the relationship, geometrical design because the 'desire' point is the second point, of the relationship geometrical design so as long as two minds are relating and then, the geometrical design of 'liking' (top) opportunity(right), curiosity, within both that manifest together which- create the manifested experience of desire this manifested experience of desire activate the second point, of the relationship geometrical design which is 'desire' which is 'actually', in essence, the desire for 'sex' and this, 'desire' within both start, 'really growing' as, physical attraction, is experienced as though the two 'cannot' stay away from each other when now they're away from each other, they are still "missing" each other's presence as though, they have brought Life into each other and, the moment they're apart they'd experience of having to be together again: to touch to, feel each other, to speak to each other, to look at each other's eyes becomes great now the moment the two, 'verbally' or physically through the act of sex desire, to be in relationship with each other 'based on' what they have experienced, within themselves as the 'ignition' of these emotions, and feelings, and thoughts they create and manifest the relationship entity which acts as a separated manifested design outside 'between' each other and now they're 'possessed' literally possessed by this relationship entity because it's started off, the triangle, within both which is 'mind' relating, which connected then, it was the desire point activating through: the liking the opportunity the 'curiosity' geometrical design then the desire, was actually in essence the desire for 'sex' of which connected to a triangle, within both and then when they are both, acted upon this desire for sex they manifested and connected to a point of 'relationship' and this relationship, is the manifested experience of themselves, within their minds where they 'charge' and recharge this relationship entity through constantly and continuously communicating with each other and spending time with each other because their 'minds' are relating the more they spend time together, the more they 'communicate' they charge the desire for 'sex', and then once they act upon the desire for 'sex' the- the whole cycle re-continues within their- possession of themselves within their relationship entity because after they've had sex, their minds relate again they charge up the energy of the desire for sex, and then they have sex and, then they start again, but! interestingly enough relationships as the relationships manis- manifest the entity, by which beings literally 'possessed' because all that 'exists' is this relationship, is this other being everything, of yourself is given 'towards' the relationship and what occurs, as what I've said this, relationship entity 'design' by which both become possessed exist on 'energy' because, first two minds have to relate, and then charge up the desire for sex and then they've sex and then the mind have to relate again then charge up- the the desire for sex, and then it so continues- continues continues but! eventually the energy runs out, because now, later on it becomes 'hard work' for the two, to relate to each other for the two to get to that point of, having to 'charge' themselves up to get to the point of 'forcing themselves' to have sex and! that's when the relationship 'ends' and the being, 'moves on' to another 'mind' to which they can relate, because if there's another mind to relate with, it changes from a certain perspective, because now they can start over now, during the time of the end and a new beginning relationship the mind consciousness system within a being had time to 'recharge' and rejuvenate itself, to be now, introduced to 'new energy'- within a new relationship so the cycle of relationship continue, continue and continue all it does- is 'charge', and support, the mind thank you very much and our next interview start with agreements Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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