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The reason why the Priestly family found this vial of oil, which seems to be the significant occurrence that happened at that period, and that's why we light the Chanukia. is because they found it and it was a miracle that they found the oil. We know that is only an effect, it's like the Holy Temple being there at the right place. But that's never the significance, the Holy Temple is not the significance. The cause is the significance, the effect was the Holy Temple. Here, again, the oil was not the significance. It never will be the significance because it is of a material nature. Something which is material is not eternal. So, therefore, we must seek out the cause - Why did the oil appear? And why did the oil burn eight days? Miracle. What does miracle mean? Miracle means that it is above the norm. It is metaphysical. It is paranormal. Therefore, it is cosmic. So that was an instant clue to the finding of the oil. The oil was the clue by which we can connect to a paranormal, that's why they called it a miracle. A miracle indicates something that is not normal. Why wasn't that normal? The finding of the oil and the fact that it burnt eight days. That would not have been sufficient reason to celebrate the holiday. But, the reason they found the oil and the reason that the burning of the oil took eight days is because there was a cosmic event that was now shedding out a tremendous amount of power and energy for us to ask for it. Nothing more. Because there was no aspect of victory as we discussed before, everything happened. Everything happened by itself. So says the prayer book. Everything happened by itself. Here was again a revelation of a cosmic event that was happening. You want to improve that personal DNA, because if on Rosh Hashana the decree was, for whatever reason, that one would live out only a partial period of that coming new year, from Rosh Hashana until the next Rosh Hashana. The significance of lighting the candle on Chanukah was to provide us with an opportunity to connect again with that same energy that appears on Rosh Hashana and that if I had failed, for whatever reason, to tap enough energy on Rosh Hashana, I have another opportunity. The only reason why Chanukah is here in the first place. How do I make that connection? Light the candle. That's how I make that connection. Therefore, it has nothing to do with a victory How did victory come? The victory that occurred and the reason that the Greek empire or the decline of the Greek empire began around the time of Chanukah, is only because it was darkness. The force that enveloped the Greek empire, was a force of darkness. And Light is the one way, the one method, the one connection, the one force, that can overtake darkness. In fact, it's so simple. If you enter a dark room and just light a match what happens? Darkness disappears. Without any effort. The only effort was what? Light that match. Create a little light. So, on Chanukah, this aspect of sharing is not the fundamental reason for the celebration. It requires sharing too, because what is Light? As you know a flame on a candle, a flame on a match, is the only entity that if you share it, it does not diminish. If I have a glass of water, and I pour a part of this water into another glass, the first glass has less water. If I have a nice pie and I share with that pie, I have less. The only entity that you can share, you can light another candle, and another candle and another candle, the flame itself is never diminished. That's the power of Light. It does not diminish in its sharing. This is the connection. And therefore, if I personally want to make a connection, I should learn from the concept of the oil, and that's why the oil came in the first place. It's to teach us how we make connections. Because there is a force in that flame. What is the force? The force of sharing. It was the force of sharing. The finding was merely the effect of what? To provide the clue that on this particular day, the 25th day in the Hebrew month of Kislev, and for the next ensuing 7 days, there is a cosmic event going on, and that cosmic event is an infusion of energy, into the whole of the Universe. And all that is necessary is that we connect with it.

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