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Something is changing in the blister packaging market, as research has predicted a growth of 7.6% between 2013 and 2018. At the Marchesini Group, we are working hard to build this growth and consolidate our key role in the blister sector. The Marchesini Group is an Italian company founded in 1974 in the heart of Bologna's Packaging Valley. Since then, we have continued to grow. Until now, we are one of the leading forces in the pharmaceutical packaging sector. We have achieved this goal thanks to one very important asset— our corporate values. We call them our Growing Younger Values. They are all-Italian quality, a focus on research and innovation, a clear vision of the future, the importance of human resources, and awareness of our social responsibility. These values are fundamental tools that help us anticipate market requirements and constantly offer new solutions in our bid to create continuous evolution. It is on this base, that we have built a comprehensive renovation process, financed by an investment plan divided into three levels— product, technology, and infrastructure. This process is so important for our future that we have even given it a name—Blister Evolution. Our Blister Evolution is really a journey that began way back in 1987 when our first blister packaging machine was launched. It was called the MB420, and it produced up to 200 blisters a minute. This was followed by a series of increasingly high-performance models— MB430, MB451, and MB460— that led us to an extraordinary insight, the idea of combining both blister and carton packaging in a single, compact, automated line that would eliminate the blister magazine completely. In 2008, at interpack, we unveiled the prototype of this new machine generation. We called it the Integra 300, owing to its production capacity of 300 blisters and 150 cartons a minute. Then, having developed the more compact Integra 220, the Integra 320, and the Integra 520, we unveiled the last model in the series at Achema 2015. It is called the Integra 520V, and it is specifically designed for markets that require one-blister-per-carton formats. The machine's strengths are a production rate of up to 520 blisters and 500 cartons a minute, a compact 10-meter-long design, rapid size changes, feed change versatility, digitally controlled automation, and the reliability of a company with over 40 years' experience in the packaging sector. This process is far from over though, as we are already working on future updates and new models to ensure that Integra will play a fundamental role in the future of the Marchesini Group. Integra is not our only technological innovation though, as research and innovation are part of our DNA. For blister packaging, we have developed a new rapid-format production process with digitally controlled machines, continuous cycle automation, and remote CAD drawing launching. All this state-of-the-art technology allows us to produce new formats and parts in record time. And that's not all. We are currently preparing a major structural change of immense strategic importance. In Carpi, a town near Bologna, we are building a 9000 square meter complex that will be used exclusively for blister packaging. When this is opened in October 2016, it will be the largest thermoforming center in Italy. This will be our great leap forward and the moment when the Marchesini Group's Blister Evolution becomes its blister revolution.

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