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Hello and a very warm welcome to Skanska. My name is Harvey Francis, And I am part of the executive management team. I am responsible for people, communications and workplace. Now you have joined a fantastic company

Built on a strong purpose and sound values. And this is a company I continue to be very proud to work for and lead. Our values call for us to care for life To work in ethical and transparent ways To work collaboratively so that we deliver better results And to commit to our customers Putting them at the heart of everything that we do.

And your joining Skanska at a very exciting time Our order book is healthy And we have a strong pipeline of future work and prospects. And our purpose at Skanska is to build for a better society. And this purpose guides the projects and the frameworks that we take on. And here are just a few examples We are helping to build the new HS2 high speed roll link. Which will provide better connectivity between London, the Midlands and the northern cities.

And in the Midlands we are upgrading the M42 To reduce congestion and provide access to a range of key locations, Including Birmingham Airport. And we are breathing fresh life into the Blossom Street area of East London Supporting the local economy by creating new places to live, to work and to relax.

I mentioned earlier about care for life, which is one of our four values, And you will see this everyday in Skanska. Through the way that we support our colleagues with positive mental and physical health and well being, An exemplary approach to health and safety, How we strive to create an inclusive environment for our employees, And our strong commitment to sustainability through our 2045 Carbon Zero commitment.

And we are passionate about investing in our people. And I encourage you to take every opportunity to grow and develop during your time with Skanska. And as a starting point, please check out Skanska Academy Which is our online learning portal. And make sure you agree a personal development plan with your line manager when you agree your goals for the year.

No matter what role you are joining us in You have an opportunity to play a huge part in the success of the business, By being the very best that you can be, bringing your whole self to work, working in an ethical, safe and transparent way, and of course, putting our customers at the center of what we do.

Welcome to Skanska.

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