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Zhanna Dosmailova - Vannovka, Kazakhstan - Kazakh (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~13:15:45 - 13:30:46

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― Interesting. ― Kimiz (camel milk). ― Kibiz. ― Kimiz. ― Kimiz. ― Kabyz (instrument). ― Kabyz.― Centipede. ― Centipede. ― Brick. ― Brick. ― He is a bad man, isn't he? ― He is a good one. ― Winter. ― Winter. ― Winter. Tulip. ― Tulip. ― Tulip. ― Tulip.― Where are they disappearing? ― Beet. ― Beet. ― Tulip. ― Tulip. 9 minutes have passed. Dear girls and boys. Today we will start reading the ABC with you. This book is called the Book of letters and words. It's not a common book, it's a magical book. Now, kids... ― Ilyas! ― Ilyas! ― Has come to him... ― I don't know... I know... ― Kuanish. ― Kuanish Kuanish, why you are so magnis? Is this a train? ― No. ― Yes. ― Cement. ― Cement ― Cement. ― Cement ― Circus. ― Circus. ― That is a toy, isn't it, Zhanna? One more minute and it's over, yes? ― Will you play, Zhanna? ― Yes ― I'll take the batteries. ― Calm down! Be quiet, quiet, quiet! ― The batteries are mine. ― Mine! ― Mine! ― Mine! ― Mine! Zhanna, there's enough batteries for all. Let's go. How hot they are, ah, how hot! ― Berta? ― No. ― Yes. Give me the batteries. I'll do it myself. ― Here is my desk. ― Give it. ― Here is... ― I will now... ― Be quiet, don't twitch. Cool music, isn't it? ― What would you like to play? ― Tennis. ― Tennis. This one is mine. ― Ah, Zhanna's batteries ran out. ― Yours did. ― Yours... ― Not yours. Switch off and then on this. Do you see, this? ― What is this for? ― For listening to your voice. Take it out and say... Take it out and say... I don't want to. Here it is! But why there is no battery? ― Oh, mine ran out. ― Take this, Zhanna. ― Ran out, ran out, what to do ... ― But no. Yes, yes, they're ran out. Then we'll play by turns. Don't look here, look at TV. What's there? I am the first. ― No! ― Yes! ― Put these ones to be charged. ― But these ones are not mine, those are mine. Put these ones. She is a girl. ― These batteries are empty. ― I'll bring new ones. I am playing next. Cannot play, cannot play! I chose Badok. You've lost! You lost. Two-two. I don't speak with you at all. Only two persons and three. Your person, everyday. I will choose yours. Everyday. Won't you choose a person with glasses? ― Ah, Zhanna cannot. ― But I have one. Ah, shame! You cannot play. Shut up! Shut up you as well! It is my serve now. You can't play, you're just jumping and jumping. Instead I am winning. If you win, you'll let me play. ― Whoever wins, plays once more. ― No. ― Yes ― No. ― Yes. ― No. ― Yes. Vasya will soon bring batteries for me. I will play for a long time. A long time, the whole day. Vasya, did you bring them? ― Where is the desk? ― I don't know. As soon as Zhanna finishes, then you'll play. ― Zhanna, let's put on two players, you'll play together. ― OK. Oh, my person has glasses. The person with glasses will be yours, and I'll choose another. My person with glasses is lovely. Mine isn't. Well done, Zhanna! Be quiet, Roman. I am playing now, then you. Just don't win. ― Don't hit super balls ― I won't. Your serve. Zhanna, hit super balls. ― Zhanna cannot play. ― Calm down, Roman. Ooo, Zhanna! Zhanna! Just a minute, Zhanna. Vasya! Vasya! Don't shout, don't shout. One-one. I wanted to let go out. Now it's my serve It is bad to do so. ― I said it is not good. ― OK, I won't. Zhanna is winning, and now Vasya is winning ― I will win. ― And Vasya. Ah, Zhanna has won ― Has she? ― Yes. Zhanna-banana, Zhanna-banana. What are you doing? Take your foot away. I said take your foot away! ― You are doing that purposely, aren't you? ― No. ― Don't hit super balls. ― I won't. Wait a minute, Zhanna.

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Kazakhstan
Language: Kazakh
Producer: Simone Goldsmith
Views: 148
Posted by: glpkazakhstan on Nov 3, 2009

Zhanna Dosmailova - Kazakhstan - 13:15-13:30 (Global Lives Project, 2009)

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