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Car Board Game

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Rudiger Schenker used to manufacture machines for the auto industry. That was before Schenker lost almost all of his clients in the financial crisis. Desperate to keep his company of twelve, near the Bavarian Alps, in business, Schenker cam up with a new way of using his machines. I heard a radio report that the games industry was booming and thought maybe I could invent a game. And so the board game "Cash for clunkers - do it!" was born. Schenker chose the car theme becaue Germany's cash for old car scheme was making the headlines here and abroad. The scheme invited car owners to dump their old cars for a cash incentive that ministers hoped would boost the economy as people spent the proceeds. The game which is a cross between Monopoly and Ludo has already sold a thouasand copies. Of course Schenker tested it on his own family first. At first I thought dad had gone mad but when we played for the first time it was really fun. I think it's brilliant. The key is the aluminium cars players want to get their hands on. The thing in the game that's special is the new cars which are cut out of a single block of aluminium. So now, our expensive metal cutting machines are back in business and my employees still have jobs. The moto of the game is simple you need to knock out competition while trying to get your plastic car to the garage where a gleaming aluminium replacement awaits you. For German car owners who heard on Wednesday that government cash for their clunkers had run out, Schenkers board game cost 32 euros and has enough cash to go round.

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