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London Part 4

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Zeus:Boobies Zeus:She just gave me the bird Seized:You'll collect birds here Zeus:Are they all like that?Tough b*tches Zeus:I was smiling and enjoying tits, but she was so rude:( Edward:So that's where Flamie learned to middle finger everyone Edward:He's their best student Zeus:For how long did he live here? Starix:He studied here for 3 years Zeus:So that's where he got his manners from Zeus:He walked around and just middle fingered everyone:D Edward:He was very shy at first, but then he mastered it Edward:He was like:"I am a regular Egor from Moscow, came here to study, and everyone just tells me to f*ck off" Edward:"Maybe I should do the same" Zeus:"Ohh, this is fun!" "Hardcore swearing" Zeus:Water Zeus to seized:You want me to walk up here? Zeus:I'm scared Seized:Stay to the left so you don't fall into the water Edward to Zeus:Dive if you want!Dive! Edward to Zeus/Seized:OMG you are so brave Zeus:We are Zeus:I'm going to jump And the scores are.. Zeus:I'm fast Zeus:Look at my swag parkour skills Edward:What a trick Zeus:I love it here Zeus:Are we leaving?Maybe let's walk around a bit more? Zeus:We're leaving?Damn Zeus:I'd go to that park over there Zeus:Cool stuff, everyone is just chilling and walking around here Seized:Look at that guy Zeus:Goodbye Big Ben! Zeus:We had a blast here, but I wanted to see more Edward:Yeah we didn't see much Edward:Walk around for 1,5 miles and go home Zeus:Agreed, like losers Zeus:Vanya criticize us please Zeus:We need to be criticized fairly Zeus:By Flamie:D Zeus:It's awesome in here! Zeus:Why didn't we visit more places Zeus:You guys left too soon Edward:We do everything too soon Edward:Go to London Eye and didn't even ride on it Zeus:"Let's go for a long walk, for like 5 minutes" Seized:5v3 on pistols, let's rush them Edward:Fast decisions Zeus:It's that sheep again Edward:Shaun the Sheep! Zeus:He is quite popular here Zeus:This place looks cool Seized:Flamie threw a grenade, then hit him through the box in the head Zeus:How does this even work Zeus:Was that a HS?You sure? Seized:100% HS Zeus:Through a box and still only -10? Zeus:I mean it's not even a wallbang Zeus:If Valve want realism a HS through a box should do more dmg Seized: In the end he had 33HP and I got him down to 1 Zeus:I am sure if you've shot him with M4A1 you would've got that kill Zeus:But that AK was broken lol Zeus:I mean they want realism but do the opposite thing to it Zeus:AK should do more damage through boxes Edward:It's not about realism Zeus:Didn't they always talk about realism in CS?Why do they add all those different things then? Edward:For balance, not realism Zeus:No Edward:Yes Zeus:Didn't Valve talk about them wanting to make everything more real? Zeus:For example, grenades were different a couple of months ago Edward:Not really Zeus:I don't know then Edward:I think they just want to balance everything out Edward:Valve study stats for maps played and weapons used during events Zeus:Yeah absolutely Edward:And then they just balance every aspect Edward:I don't think realism is the point here Edward:It's damn computer game, it has to be fun and dynamic Zeus:I agree, but didn't they state about CS moving towards realism? Edward:Maybe, especially some maps are based off real world locations, and uniforms Edward:But it's just decorations Zeus:I still don't understand why AK bullets do less damage through boxes, why do we have those fake sparks Edward:Zeus, it's a norm, when a bullet goes through a box it loses it's power, so it deals less damage™ Zeus:We need to study that a bit more Seized:I don't understand why console has shown HP on the first day but didn't on the second. Starix:I've discussed that with the admins and they said that they screwed up the cfg. Zeus:I think without HP showings it would be more interesting Zeus:When it shows enemy health after you die it just takes away the fun Zeus:Sometimes you're on a 1v2 and both enemies have 5HP he just goes on to save instead of trying to clutch it. Seized:But when you know that they have 5HP you WILL try to clutch it. Edward:When you know they have full HP you try to act different, so they don't expect it Edward:But when you are against two lit up enemies you just play the aim game Edward:But you can clutch it even with 1HP, like Dupreeh Zeus:He's such a cheeky b*itch:D Zeus:Where are we going?I thought we were going to out hotel:( Zeus:WTF I want to go to my hotel room Zeus:I am so confused right now

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Posted by: iamfish007 on May 26, 2015

London Part 4

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