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Italki video

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Hi everyone My name is Dina and I am going to be your community tutor in italki. and help you to become fluent in English mostly in the speaking part a little bit about me ; I am 23 years old and... born and raised in Iran , in Tehran (Is the capital city of Iran if you don't know) I lived in Budapest, Hungary for 6 years (from 2013 to 2018) and last year i came back to my country to work in the art industry and something that really surprised me was how often i could help my friends to improve their English _ In their talking, in their pronunciation, in their grammar and in a lot of other ways... so that made me to make my own method as a community tutor and that made me to be here in italki with you guys and that's enough about me let's talk about you and how our courses are going to be like ... so about our classes i know the first class as one of the most important ones as it determines the subject for the following sessions basically I'm not saying there's gonna be any change in my methods and in my techniques of communicating with you ( my methods are the same) but i'm saying that if you are going to become better in communication, you need to be involved and interested in topics and that's what we are going to do we are going to choose the topics that you prefer to discus about and... yea, that's it all you need as tools in my class is a paper and a pen and that's it do not be worried about anything else and everything is going to be fine even if you are just a beginner and i cannot wait to talk with you about a lot of awesome stuff that's going on in the world, and there's gonna be a lot of grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and a lot of other things let's not waist anymore time and let's get started see you. goodbye

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Posted by: dinazare on Aug 29, 2019

English with Dina

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