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Emil Part 1 - Impact speech from ZDAY 2010

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Impact speech from Emil Parker, an organizer from the Zeitgeist Movement Good afternoon everybody! Thanks for spending some time with us today. That's first thing I want to say. My name is Emil Parker. I just want to take few minutes. I want to share with you how my life has changed since I first discovered this information - a lot of information you guys have probably seen. Just out of curiosity, how many people have seen the Zeitgeist movies? Oh, beautiful! Alright, uh... You know what... I believe that many of you guys are going to be able to relate to what I'm about to say, for one simple reason: And that is that you are here... And I'm really glad. This is very emotional for me. Because... sorry. For most of my life I felt like I've been on the wrong planet. I felt like I've been on a planet run by lunatics. And, uh... It all started for me when I was a child. And as a child - like most children - I was told a few things: I was told to eat my food because there was millions of starving children around the world that don't have anything. I was told to thank God that I have roof over my head because millions are homeless. Excuse me. And I was told to count my blessings for I and my family - - while many are grieving a death of loved ones from war, disease and poverty... [sigh] Now, I truly believe that the intent of these words was to make me appreciate what I have - to feel blessed. And not so strangely, I felt some other emotions... Number 1: I was deeply disheartened. Because, who am I to have all these things? ...with so many other people do not. And I was appalled. For as a human being, fairness and justice... they're rudimentary parts and they're important parts of our psyche. It's very apparent when we look back at our own childhood and observe our own kids. They fight about fairness and justice all the time. "She got more juice in her cup than I did" "He got bigger piece of cake than me.", "Oh my God, she gets to stay up later than I do" "Her bed time's a different place." And what's more: kids are absolutely relentless about talking about justice. We hear them talking about how somebody did something wrong at school that didn't get in trouble or somebody else did something wrong and they got in trouble, or he got a spanking for something he didn't even do. You know, we're wired that way. We want justice. And we want equality. Humans love justice. Hollywood knows that. How many guys remember... uh... Who saw Karate Kid? Anybody saw Karate Kid? Anybody remember the end scene of Karate Kid? Yeah? Daniel-san kicks that bully-elitist-snot right in the face. I cheered. Did you cheer? I cheered. Hollywood knew that we would cheer. That's justice. One of the many forms of justice. And we love justice. And I believe that we're deeply affected by injustice. And when we see it, and we're forced to swallow it. It poisons us. It poisons our soul. It's like venom in our veins; it burns. We have to learn how to live with that. And we ask questions... uh... all through our life, particularly when we're young about life being unfair or injust. And I don't know about you but the answers that I received were not enough to satisfy me. I heard things like "Yeah, it sucks, but there's nothing we can do about it" or "Yeah, just be thankful it's not you." I heard uh... "Try not to think about it." You know? "Don't dwell on it. It'll just drive you crazy." And my all-time favorite: "It's all just part of God's plan!" [laughter] Well, as far as I'm concerned, these are pretty weak-ass answers. And, those didn't go away. Well, needless to say - the space-time continuum - uh... you know, March, Don and I grew up. And while I grew I was sold some new ideas that were sure to fill the void in my soul and replace that pain of injustice. And that was, uh... That was self-indulgence. The monetary system, the economic system told me what I needed to be a success. ...What I needed to be happy. I needed a nice big house, a fancy car, great clothes, great hair-do, gadgets, games, dining out. I needed all of those things. That's what I needed. So, I did that. And I became - what is commonly defined as - successful. And I had it. Sorry... Well... many nights I would stay awake in my beautiful home with my plasma TV, my fireplace, sitting on my luxurious leather furniture. My cool in-ground sprinkler humming along, making my lawn green, being the envy of all the neighbors. My fancy car sitting in my neat carage. My concrete-stamped driveway and all that stuff. And I was not fulfilled. "There must be something wrong with me." That's what I would say to myself. I was living like a king - a king compared to most of the world. ...most of the planet. And still... "Why aren't I happy?" "Why can't I enjoy my life?" "I must be crazy." Strangely, I felt like I was in a cage, a beautiful prison, controlled, manipulated, lied to, disheartened... Nobody else even talking about this stuff. I started thinking about conspiracy theories and going to war and being sent over there to kill people for their resources. Friends told me that I was paranoid. I was a conspiracy-theory-believing nut-job. And, uh, I must have a chemical imbalance. Nobody else seems to think there's a problem. People on TV look happy. Luckily big pharmaceutical companies have an answer for everybody: Drugs, anti-depressants. That's great. So, maybe if I take these pills I could forget about this. Right? Forget about what's bothering me. Maybe I do have a chemical imbalance. Maybe this self-indulgence thing is a key to success. Well, I did that... And I started taking them. And I did, I got some things under control. It did help me with some things. I'll be honest; took away some panic attacks that I suffered for 11 years. I don't know if anybody else ever had these things but they're just terrible. And they make you feel very very alone. Canadians Alternative Proactive Press Impact speech from Emil Parker An organizer from the Zeitgeist Movement For more info: For rest of speech please see Emil part 2

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CAPP London live on the scene at ZDAY, March 13, 2010. Impact speech from Emil Parker, an organizer from the Zeitgeist Movement. For more info on the Zeitgeist movement please go to:

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