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Rael Feliciano - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Portuguese (Global Lives Project, 2006) ~21:24:22 - 21:40:15

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It's for him, there. You see, I got the worst cart, bro! For real! My cart wouldn't speed... and it was bugging out all the time. Then I said: hey brother... You have to give me (...). Then what? Then he told me to go speak to some guy named Boy, who's the park's guy. I said: brother, I'm not even from here. ♫ Sweet dreams of rhythm and dancing ♫ ♫ Sweet dreams of passion through the night ♫ ♫ Sweet dreams are taking over ♫ ♫ Sweet dreams of dancing through the night ♫ (...) Hey there, Paulo! Did you tell me to come here? You said: Stage-age-age [sic] ♫ Ola, ola, e ♫ ♫ Ola, ola, e ♫ ♫ Ola, ola, e ♫ ♫ Ola, ola, e ♫ ̶ Rael! Rael! Are there any restrooms around here? ̶ Do you work here? ̶ No, neither live here, I live in the South. Oh, I just wanted to ask them to play Edu Ribeiro. I was going to ask them to play Edu Ribeiro. Edu Ribeiro? (...) Nice, thanks. Where are the restrooms? What's up? Alright? There were some chicks asking you to play Edu Ribeiro... Edu Ribeiro? Edu Ribeiro. Hey, Gladis, do you know where to find any usable restrooms around here? Restrooms? Go there, in the front, there's a mobile restroom there. There, ok, good. Hey Gi! There, in the front, they said there are some mobile restrooms there. (...) What? (...) This is very itchy, it's so bad. I didn't put any cream or anything. ̶ I've got it at home, brother. -What? Bepantol? This is very bad, Dodi! It's sore, bro! Do you want a piece? Yes I do, later. I couldn't find Kiko. But everything is gonna be fine. Do you want some more? Hey! Elimar! I'll see if I can fix it there later. I'll see if I can fix it later. (Israel yawns) Uha-a-a... (Israel sings) ̶ Will you go up now? ̶ What? In a bit. I'm warming up. There, soccer has messed up with my legs yesterday! I freakin' ran a lot yesterday, you did too! Hi! Who is it that assembles the turntables? I'm gonna set up the tables for you right now. ̶ Alright? ̶ Alright. ̶ This is the deal. The boy went to the... ̶ Pick up the guy... That's it! He's going to turn it on quickly to check how it is. He's on the way. I just spoke to him, he went there to speak to the owner and he's coming back right on. ̶ I just thought I'd let you know. ̶ Good, I'll go find the DJ in order to plug the stuff in. ̶ How many people were there approximately, about twenty? ̶ No... ̶ There, inside our trailer. ̶ No, no, about thirteen people... ̶ No, more! A few more than thirteen. ̶ Fourteen people. Pretty much. How many people are going up on the stage? ̶ How are you doing? Nice to meet you, João. ̶ What's up? Rael. ̶ Welcome. ̶ Nice, thank you. ̶ Bro, six people are going up on the stage. ̶ Six people... ̶ With the camera men, plus... ̶ We must check what time it is... It's 10:18. Because our limit here is 11 o'clock. ̶ So we have to start at... ̶ 10:30. I mean, the sound system working time tonight is 11 o'clock. So we must start at 10:30 in order to finish at 11. That's it. ̶ Well, the guy is already picking up the other guy there. ̶ Oh, cool. Brother, if it passes, it's going to be 5 minutes tops. ̶ No, no problem at all. ̶ I guess if it really starts at 10:30... ...if it passes, it'll be 5 minutes tops, just until the guys plug the stuff in, that's it. Cool, no problem. 7-8-3-1... 3... 7-3-3-5 ̶ ̶ Are you calling now? ̶ Nope. 7831-7335 7831-7335 ... 7831-7335 I'm going to call him now. We could go get his things from the car already. Yeah, we could get his stuff from the car. Right. Wait here, I'll get the stuff from the car and I'll be right back. Hey Dodi, stay here with her, Rael and I will go... Yeah, stay here Dodi, stay here, no, just three, oh no, Dodi really has to come. ♪ What will be, Father, God bless me, guide me, in your presence the evil leaves. Do you know which car did they pick up Bruxo with? ̶ ̶ Gol, I guess. ̶ ̶ The red little Gol? You don't even talk anymore, don't you? I won her, right Magro? That's right brother. Put me in! Then cram it if you're "the man". Watch out for the car! Bah! You're slow! Slow down, slow down! To appear in the footage you have to fill it up with quality, brother! What? What's your name? My name? Rael, and yours? ̶ ̶ What? ̶ ̶ Rael, and yours? ̶ ̶ Israel. ̶ ̶ Are you Israel? Then shake my hand, bro. In a grip. I'm Israel too but the guys know me as Rael. ̶ ̶ My nickname is Big Ball. ̶ ̶ Big Ball? Why? You're so skinny. Because I used to be very fat. Have you been in a spa? Been in a spa? The surgeon's razor, bro! Did you have bariatric surgery? Cool. You don't even talk to me anymore, don't you? Hey! (Israel whistles) Call her... watch it, she will come... Hey... oh no, I don't even know who the chicks are. No, no, she wants to come, the other wouldn't let her. Then you tell the other: I'm not calling you, I'm calling her... Is this going to be on TV? Would you film us doing a stoppie? ̶ ̶ Would you film both of us doing a stoppie, hey? ̶ ̶ Sure, go there. Be careful with the road. Hey, do the stoppie here, look. Where is the other? Wallace! Come here! Took long! Hey Marçal. That wasn't messing up, was it? She only didn't come because of the other chick, the crazy one. But I'll see her again. Although those footages should be confidential! Oh my gosh! ̶ ̶ What's up Marçal. ̶ ̶ Make a chain here, look. Release it, release it. There, tell them to stop all this music! If you want I can try to start plugging in, bro.

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Duration: 15 minutes and 52 seconds
Country: Andorra
Director: Helio Ishii
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Posted by: globallives.brazil on May 18, 2008

Walking out of a carnival.

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