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Zeitgeist: Addendum - Actions For Social Transformation (Snippet)

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a scene from Zeitgeist Addendum Once the US breaks down, all the other cultures will undergo similar things. As of now, the world financial system is on the brink of collapse due to it's own shortcomings. The controller of currencies stated in 2003 that the interest on the US national debt will not be affordable in less than ten years. This theoretically means total bankruptcy for the US economy and it's implications for the world are immense. In turn the fractional reserve based monetary system is reaching it's theoretical limits of expansion and the banking failures you are seeing are just the beginning. This is why inflation is skyrocketing, all debt is at record levels and the government and FED are hemorrhaging new money to bailout the corrupt system. For the only way to keep the banks going is by making more money. The only way to make more money is to create more debt and inflation. It is simply a matter of time before the tables turn and there's no one is willing to take new loans while defaults grow as people are unable to afford their current loans. Then the expansion of money will stop and contraction will begin on a scale never before seen, ending a century long pyramid scheme. This has already begun. Therefore, we need to expose this financial failure for what it is, using this weakness to our advantage. Here are some suggestions: Expose the banking fraud. Citibank, JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America are the most powerful controllers within the corrupt Federal Reserve system. It's time to boycott these institutions. If you have a bank account or credit card with any of them, move your money to another bank. If you have a mortgage, refinance with another bank. If you own their stock, sell it. If you work for them, quit. This gesture will express contempt for the true powers behind the private banking cartel known as the Federal Reserve. And create awareness about the fraud of the banking system itself. Two. Turn off the TV news. Visit the emerging independent news agencies on the internet for your information. CNN, NBC, ABC, FOX and all the others present all news pre-filtered to maintain the status quo. With four corporations owning all major media outlets, objective information is impossible. This is the true beauty of the internet. And the establishment has been losing control because of this free flow of information. We must protect the internet at all times, as it is truly our savior right now. Three. Don't ever allow yourself, your family or anyone you know, to ever join the military. This is an obsolete institution now used exclusively for maintaining an establishment that is no longer relevant. US soldiers in Iraq work for US corporations, not the people. Propaganda forces us to believe that war is natural and the military is an honorable institution. Well if war is natural, why are there 18 suicides every single day by American veterans who have post-traumatic stress disorder? If our military men and women are so honored, why is it that 25% of the American homeless population are veterans? Four. Stop supporting the energy companies. If you live in a detached house, get off the grid. Investigate every means of making your home self-sustainable with clean energy. Solar, wind and other renewable energies are now affordable consumer realities, and considering the never ending rising costs of traditional energies, it will likely be a cheaper investment over time. If you drive, get the smallest car you can and consider using one of the many conversion technologies that can enable your car to be a hybrid, electric or run on anything other than establishment fuels. Five. Reject the political system. The illusion of democracy is an insult to our intelligence. In a monetary system, there is no such thing as a true democracy, and there never was. We have two political parties owned by the same set of corporate lobbyists. They are placed in their positions by the corporations, with popularity artificially projected by their media. In a system of inherent corruption the change of personnel every couple of years has very little relevance. Instead of pretending that the political game has any true meaning focus your energy on how to transcend this failed system. And six. Join the movement. Go to and help us create the largest mass movement for social change the world has ever seen. We must mobilize and educate everyone about the inherent corruption of our current world system, along with the only true sustainable solution, declaring all the natural resources on the planet as common heritage to all people, while informing everyone as to the true state of technology and how we can all be free if the world works together rather than fights. The choice lies with you. You can continue to be a slave to the financial system and watch the continuous wars, depressions and injustice across the globe while placating yourself with vain entertainment and materialistic garbage; or, you can focus your energy on true, meaningful, lasting, holistic change which actually has the realistic ability to support and free all humans with no one left behind. But in the end, the most relevant change must occur first inside of you. The real revolution is the revolution of consciousness, and each one of us first needs to eliminate the divisionary, materialistic noise we have been conditioned to think is true; while discovering, amplifying and aligning with the signal coming from our true empirical oneness. It is up to you.

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Posted by: tzmgermany on Mar 7, 2012

Snippet from "Zeitgeist: Addendum"

1. Get rid of your Citibank etc. account
2. Boycott mass media and protect the internet.
3. Do not participate in the military & it´s business
4. Get independent from energy companies.
5. Reject the political system.
6. Create critical mass.

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