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HOM 20 - SIRIANS part of the Annunaki?

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: History of Mankind 20 - Sirian Deception (Jack) Ok so after quite a period, physical human form vessel was complete they were satisfied I apologize for jumping so much it is, just quite a bit of information excuse me, so Now we're talking about 'the dinosaur pre-historic period' where the Atlanteans were already, enslaved into the physical form ape man, so let's start there Anu had now his, 'forms' complete prepared, and the Serpents, were busy developing the, what is now called dinosaurs was called dinosaurs "is now referred to as dinosaurs" and the Livuitiuukus, was busy preparing the 'nature' How did they then get access to this earth planet able to do it without the Atlanteans being aware of it? that was the Sirian's, Plant they, secluded themselves, on a specific piece of 'land', here on this earth through a sound, 'cocoon' in which they 'shielded' themselves in other words, to not be seen by the Atlanteans It's like a, forming of a 'mirage' in other words if you see something you see as though it's there, but actually "behind it", there's something "else" that's where they started testing, and preparing and seeing how their, "forms" will manifest If it if it's working so they made a, a a a- a small, and prepared a small environment to test their 'creation', very small environment so they created a, now, this is 'really small' just a few, plants and they created, maybe five or six, dinosaur manifestation and then about ten 'human forms' first Anu tested some of his, found- some begings from his 'own race' he used to inhabit these ape-man forms, to see how it works Worked! beautifully, perfectly they're very, "primitive" stupid, dumb it is interesting because his first observation was when he used beings from "his own race", was that they'd walk in, and it would be, it was really like a system seeing 'everything' for the first time So the ape-man was of course walking around, making strange noises, which is a system Please, I urge you remember - it was systems, it was not beings the 'beings' were those power the systems, and when they were inside these systems they in- which was within the physical form, they "won't know anything" they won't remember anything, and they won't, basically know they exist anymore So it worked so basically what the being will do, will- with Anu's race, the when he used a few of his few beings from his race, they basically, literally, 'walk' inside it ok? but what they do is they have to 'connect', the center of their Placement! inside their mind they they have to walk in, and basically connect themselves to that center point Placement, inside the physical human form, connect themselves 'there' and then what will happen is the system will (quickly) basically infuse them, into the 'center' so there was a, basically like a center pole inside the human physical form and that center pole, which contained the center point, of the mind area which is that which activate the 'entire system', inside the human physical form so then they'd "walk in" and they'd be (quickly) scrunched up well (laugh) not really scrunched up please it's an interdimensional being literally being placed inside the, 'a vacuum' a vessel just to man- just to power 'systems' So Anu was satisfied Anu the Sirians the Serpents, the Livuitiuukus were 'really satisfied'. so Anu said: Right! Next - Step We've to en- we have to get the Atlanteans to, basically walk into this physical human forms so that they are us Oh excus- yah so that they are us in terms of they're the they become they're in the system, they become in the physical form Now before they could do that, Anu said: Ok. So how long, are we first just going to test them? But now what happens if we tested and it Doesn't Work? where does the Atlantean to go? Now this they didn't know, at all So they tested it, now remember Anu's beings from Anu's race were in these, human physical form bodies and, he said the only way we're going, to do if we kill, if we kill the system this physical human form, 'maybe - the being will Die too', hopefully (smile) So they did it! they first cut off the, complete neck area because if you sever the neck completely cuts off the brain area, from the rest the top ar- 'the most important area' from the rest of the system, that is cut off 'the system dies' So they did that 'unfortunately', it didn't work. and the being basically still came out Asking, what happened? not remember a thing Last thing he remembered was walking into the form, and now he's back here again what happened? So they realized they have a problem, because If this form wasn't "the form", they were still going to, "enhanced it specify it", and but they just wanted to tested for now 'with all the Atlanteans', they realized they have a problem because, the beings are still going to exist, they're going to remember 'who they are' when the systems as the human physical form 'die' and, this can't happen Now this is where the 'dimensions' come in the design and the creation of the 'dimensional - existence' So they said: Right. what they're going have to do first is the following: Firstly we, cap- we get the Atlanteans we 'placed' them into these pre-historic physical form ape-man, which is which is called now, per defined by human beings in this world today we have the dinosaurs, and we 'placed them' here for, few millions year or so during that time, we do the following: we design and create 'another' human physical form, which is more 'specific' we design we work 'on a plan', to make sure that, when this physical form 'dies' in someway or another that the beings had 'died' a- well that, when the 'systems' died the beings had 'come out' don't remember "anything", and we maybe able to "recycle them" or or return them 'back', in, all the time Ok so. I'll continue, in my next interview with the 'rest of the story' (smile) the 'history - of man' Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews Screened Shortly: PW Botha, Rumi, Janis Joplin CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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History of Man 20 - SIRIANS part of the Annunaki?

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