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His Holiness Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi in Manchester giving lecture on spirituality 4 of 7

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Because the vehicle has turned towards Him, the vehicle has begun its journey. Now even if an accident happens Those who die while going towards the Kaaba, their name is still counted in the martyrs. Occasionally place your hand upon your heart, when the heart beats, synchronize Allah Hoo with that echo (heartbeats). Sometimes place your hand upon your pulse, with the help of this pulse send Allah Hoo within you, this pulse also beats so through that tik tik (echo) send in Allah Hoo within you as well. Do such thing by which your heart beats becomes prominent. You would have heard that Lal Shahbaz used to dance, and he used to make people dance as well. You would have also heard Bullhe Shah said “we persuade our friend by dancing”. You would have heard this as well that Ameer Kalal used to make people play kabbadi. Why the saints did such things? What was the need of kabbadi to Ameer Kalal? Why Bullhe Shah needed to dance or to make people dance? When the people of sinner category used to go to him (Ameer Kalal), such people whose hearts were fainted he used to make them play kabbadi and asked them to run, when they used to run and their heartbeats become prominent then they were asked to leave playing kabbadi and synchronize Allah-Allah with those heartbeats. You either run or dance or do exercise.... (Since) this age it looks odd either to run or to dance. So there is another easy method which is to sit and chant Allah Hoo by stroking if you will do for an hour the heartbeats will become prominent, now synchronize Allah Hu with this beat when you will keep doing this for few days your heartbeat will call out Allah Hoo then further more strokes would not be needed. It (dhikr of Allah) is Jalali as well. People relate that there was a bird Phoenix “Quqans”. Some saint used to chant Allah Hoo, YA Hoo, which "Phoenix" also kept on hearing it. When that saint went away, that bird "Phoenix" started chanting Allah Hoo. When it started reciting Allah Hoo, after few days it came to know that the heat has been produced inside. It (Phoenix) said "Now what should I do?" Once Allah Hoo gets in, it never comes out, this is also a difficulty. There were companions of Holy Prophet (PBUH), they were used to be tied with the ropes and dragged over the sand they were used to be locked in the rooms, but as soon as they were released they return back to the Holy Prophet (PBUH), since Allah Hoo was gone inside. The Phoenix thought that it’s also not being stopped; now I will also be burnt. So as its limited intellect worked, collected few twigs and kept by its side so that if it catches fire only the twigs will be burnt and I will be saved. When the twigs ignited along with twigs that Phoenix was also burn fiercely. Then from the ash of the body of Phoenix an egg was produced, that egg was hatched and a little phoenix which came out that also started chanting Allah-Allah, then it was also burnt this cycle is being continued since centuries. Many people are aware of this that the bird Phoenix burns by chanting Allah Hu. So they says as the Phoenix is burnt we will also be burnt, they make people frightened. This “Phoenix” had learnt and heard only Allah Hoo, it had not heard Muhammad Rasool Allah. If he would have heard this, why would he be burnt? The reason is that if the name of the Allah is majestic (jalali) the (effect of) name of Holy Prophet (PBUH) is cool (Jamali). Now if you will chant Allah-Allah you will feel hot, as much heat as you can bear you may do so because without the heat nothing is ever cooked. Any fruit neither ripen, nor at your home curry and chapatti is cooked. As much heat as you can bear/tolerate, you must bear. When it is unbearable then start reciting the DAROOD SHARIF, this will make it cool. Again chant Allah-Allah, heat of Noor/light will come, then recite the DAROOD SHARIF, again this will cool it down Then a day will come when DAROOD SHARIF and Allah will become one. Neither majestic/hot (jalal) nor coolness (jamal). Then you will say that I chant Allah-Allah why don’t I feel hot? Then jalal/majesty and jamal will be united. This is its method. The obligation of law (shariah) is the best thing for this. But those, who cannot strictly follow the law, it is still better for them, than previous condition when they were doing nothing. A person who does not offer any prayer! If somebody offers his prayer and also took the permission of dhikr for him it will be more beneficial. It will be 'icing on the cake'. He was already regular in prayers/salat, and now he is chanting Allah-Allah inwardly also, thus his status become higher. If a person does not pray at all, after taking the permission of dhikr, he also do dhikr/chanting, but yet he does not offer salat/prayers, at least he is better than the first condition when was not doing anything. At least one thing is there. It is quite possible that through dhikr/chanting the name of Allah he might become regular in prayers some day. In case he could became regular in prayer in his whole life yet it’s possible that by chanting Allah-Allah he might fall in love with Allah and that would become enough for him. In this, the more he will obey the law (shariah), the more he will achieve higher status. Otherwise it is our faith! Faithfully, categorically and in written form we say that if somebody’s heart start chanting he can never go to hell, because it starts with His will. And anybody upon whom His will has been bestowed, how will he be going to hell. Zakir-e-qalbi (heart meditator) can never go into hell. Well, it is possible that he can be deprived from status if he does not obey the law he can be deprived from status, but he can never go to hell. Because it is in the prophetic tradition (hadith) that, “the one who has got a bit of noor/light within him, cannot go to hell”. So when he will chant the name of Allah it is understood that the light will be created. When you take medicine it is understood that it will have effect. Chanting Allah-Allah will have effect for sure and especially when this chanting is performed by heart. We have told you about the heart meditation. Given the permission! That's it. (After this) The angels will take the sketch of this person above, these are special angels, they will take the sketch of that person up above, (and announce) that he wants to chant Allah-Allah he has said that “I will chant the name of Allah by heart/qalb; I will make friendship with Allah”. That very person has told him the way, and in return he had affirmed/accepted it. So is he accepted or not? His soul will be taken into Bait ul Maumoor (the celestial Archetype of Kaaba), he is not even aware of this. Allah Himself used to speak with the creature of Bait ul Maumoor, they cannot see Allah but they can talk to Him. Then Allah asks who has brought him here? The one who tells the method to that person says "I have brought him". Allah asks "why?" He replies "to make your friend". If HE (Allah) says "I don't accept", then even if he goes to thousands of saints, nothing will happen; the story of Qalb will not be going to take place. If Allah accepts then He will ask “I can accept him but who will his guarantor? What if he runs away?” Means; a friend has to be tested. “If I tested and he ran away, then who will catch him and bring him back?” Then Ghaus Pak (Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jalini) guarantees for him. (Then it is asked) “Who will bear witness?” Any of two saints he loves or shrines he visits those saints will bear witness to him. Then it is asked “who will do the verification?” Then the Holy Prophet (PBUH) will do the verification. Then Allah accepts and then his Qalb/heart starts. So then even if he runs away; those who had given guarantee and the one who did verification they will catch and bring him back. They wouldn’t spare him, so where ever he goes they will catch him wherever he would go. This qalb/heart does not get started without this. The method we have told you. If you wish to do you can affirm, that I will do because it will be asked above, “Did this person affirmed/accepted?” and if you will not affirm who will take you up? When you will not affirmed/accepted, who will take you up? Therefore those who want to take the permission of dhikr (heart meditation) they can say along with me Allah Hoo. They will be granted permission! That's it. Neither we ask any kind of money nor sweets neither it's bayat. It's only permission, say; Allah Hu, Allah Hu. Allah Hu, Allah Hu, Allah Hu. Allah Hu La ala illallah Mumhamad rasol Allah. Now if there is anything which you want to ask that you might have not understood for that first of all you may satisfy your heart also. Because we have many well wishers as well as a lot of enemies. Many clerics (Mullahs) are with us and many of them are against us. Those who are against us, they have made a lot of negative propaganda about us among the public. So if there is any such thing which you have heard by some means, that you can ask, so that there may not be left any kind of suspicion/apprehension in the heart. Question: What is Tareeqat (Mysticism)? Answer: The whole talk which I have given was about Tareeqat (Mysticism). With apparent tongue whatever ruku (bowing), sajood (prostration) we do, that is called law (shariah). Those souls which are inside (spiritual entities) when they worship that is Tareeqat.

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Posted by: theallfaith on Apr 25, 2010 His Holiness Sayyedna Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi giving talk on spirituality in Manchester, UK.

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