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Roland VR-5 AV Mixer & Recorder - Review

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♪♫♪♫..............................[Music Playing] Hi I'm Jeremy with Roland Systems Group here at CCI Solutions. talking about the new Roland VR-5 all-in-one, video, audio mixer with Web streaming built in. The Roland VR5 is a 5-channel video mixer. The first 3 channels are standard definition, composite, BNC or S-video. There's a computer input that comes in VGA, as well as a built-in player that plays video, still images and audio files. If you don't want to use it as a player you can also use this as a recorder. In addition to your audio that comes in for each of your video sources, there are two additional inputs that come in mic or line level. Create a mix using the faders for your audio. Use the touch buttons here to select your video source. Or, if you prefer, you can use the touch screen on our Quad View that's built into the mixer. Some features the VR5 has include picture-in-picture, or a split-screen mode. If you're in a picture-in-picture, You can just adjust the location of the picture-in-picture by touching the screen and by using the value knob adjust the size. The split screen takes two side-by-side images. It's perfect for a church that wants to have a pastor on one side and maybe PowerPoint notes on the other. To exit that mode just simply press the button. The mixer then takes all of your video mix and outputs through composite, S-video and HDMI. Perfect to go to projectors in your room, or with a simple USB connection to a standard Mac or PC, we can be live streaming on the Web. It's perfect to reach those people that weren't able to make it to the service or to reach people that are far away from church that week. For more information on the Roland VR-5 or other Roland video products, please visit or get on the phone and give the sales guys a call today. ♪♫♪♫......................[Music Playing]

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Posted by: ccisolutions on Oct 15, 2012

Join Jeremy of the Roland Systems Group for a review of the Roland VR-5 Audio Video Mixer and Recorder. This mixer has Web streaming capabilities built in. The built in video player can play video, still images and audio files. A simple USB connection to a computer makes it possible to stream line via the Web.

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