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John Bush and Douglas Mallette on ZEITGEIST LIVE (1/7)

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Welcome, everybody, to a very special edition of Zeitgeist Live Joining me in the studio today are two powerful, powerful advocates of the Freedom Movement We've got Mr. John Bush of TAG, Texans for Accountable Government As well as Douglas Mallette, lead technician for the Technology Team of The Zeitgeist Movement And we're going to talk a little bit about the Zeitgeist Movement in general - John had called up a few episodes ago with some concerns, and we didn't have quite enough time to get into it Douglas was watching the show and expressed some interest in being able to get with John and field those questions and field out those concerns as well So today we have both of them in the studio and we're going to get clear Welcome to the show. John, I'm a big fan of yours, brother. Really. You probably don't remember, but I was at one of the Fluoride-Free Austin meetings I've seen John, I've seen you up with City Council, on the Vampire Act, I was there to support that. [John]: I remember seeing you. [Tyson]: OK, cool, man. If you wouldn't mind, just talk about some of the organizations I know you do a radio show. And, I'd love to give you a better introduction, but you know a little more about yourself than I do. Please. [John]: Sure, well, recently, about two and a half years ago, a bunch of local activists came together after the Ron Paul for President 2008 campaign here in Travis County - we decided to organize to keep the effort going to restore individual liberty in the United States so we formed a local political action committee it was called Texans for Accountable Government and Texans for Accountable Government - - the first effort we got involved with was pushing back on the "vampire cops" - Chief Acevedo wanted to take federal money from the National and Traffic Safety Administration in order to train police officers to do blood withdraws if they suspect you to be intoxicated - if they happen to pull you over. Well, that was obviously not in favor of individual liberty so, we took action, organized a big forum - there was a lot of media coverage - we dressed up like vampire-cops and paraded on Halloween three years in a row now But we don't only push back against the system, we also proactively educate people about alternative ways to get home so you don't have to get behind the wheel in the first place rather than having to deal with coercion and the State, we promote Square Patrol, which drives a scooter out to your car, puts it in your car, and drives you home We also push back against the Austin Regional Intelligence Center, which is a fusion center - it's a law enforcement - multi-jurisdictional law enforcement apparatus which seeks to merge the information-sharing and intelligence-gathering practices of local, state, and federal law enforcement, and we managed to prevent that particular fusion center, which just opened in December, here in Austin from Williamson, Travis, and Hays Counties from collecting non-criminal information based on political, social, or religious views so if you guys are having a big Zeitgeist Movement meeting - which is obviously anti-establishment and anti-status quo - the fusions centers like to protect the status quo - they can't collect information on you We're trying to get a seat on the Privacy Policy Advisory Committee that was created as well We're gearing up for the 2011 Legislative Session and we're really trying to take our Libertarian - our movement - the people that are grassroots, educated, that are activated and laser-focus on issues that prevent individuals from living freely, such as sobriety checkpoints, which will be up again in the 2011 Legislative Session we hope to battle them down alongside the ACLU and other groups, as well as these officer-administered blood withdraws or a fusion center, which, across the country, has been known to abuse those individuals who choose to operate outside of the federal monopoly we see them targeting them quite often and there's a lot of people that are fed up with the current system there's a lot of people that have used - expended - all their Petitions for a Redress of Grievance and continually the government ignores them people are choosing to operate outside of the system in a peaceful manner and unfortunately the fusion center and the law enforcement apparatus, guided by the Department of Homeland Security, are starting to target those people So we're trying to push back up against that, so individuals like you guys can build your movement which seems to be based on the "Non-Aggression Principle", which is what LIbertarians are all about, and do that in a peaceful manner without the State come crashing down because you're choosing to operate outside of the system that's kind of some of the activism that we focus on at the local and state level also, A Foundation for a Free Society is something that I'm involved in it just started - it's a non-profit - is the website and the purpose of that is to educate, activate, and liberate - to get people, individuals - to educate themselves about the philosophy of liberty, the Non-Aggression Principle, the right to self-ownership free markets and Austrian economics is also something that we promote that's something that we'll have contention with, of course then we ask people to activate, to get involved, to educate people about the philosophy of liberty and also to influence local and state representatives in order to further individual liberty. But the most important part, I think, what sets up aside from other Libertarian "think tanks" - non-profits, foundations - is that we're also encouraging people to liberate themselves from the coercive restraints of State monopoly violence, and to become self-sufficient, food-wise, to participate in local, competing currencies and competing economies, do learn about self-defense and self-preservation and other strategies that can make you not only embrace the philosophy of liberty, but, more importantly, live as a free person, and I think that's how we're going to be able to bring about a free society. There's a lot of overlap with what you guys are calling for, to just start creating this society that's based on the values that you guys are going for. I think it's great. [Tyson]: Yeah. John, I know you were also recently featured on the one and only "Conspiracy Theory" episode that's been pulled from the rotation on TruTV Jesse Ventura's "Conspiracy Theory" the episode on the police state, correct? [John]: Yeah. Yeah, it's a pretty radical episode, I think primarily one of the reasons they pulled it it because we discussed on the show, Jesse did, and Alex Jones was on it as well, HR-625, which is a House Resolution waiting in the wings - it hasn't been passed Congressman Cohen was one of the ones responsible for pulling it, but it would call on the creation of six regional FEMA detention centers on existing military bases it would also push state national guards under the control of the federal government So, this piece of legislation is essentially waiting in the wings, wait for the next disaster or catastrophe to happen so they can pass it instantly and then go ahead with who knows what - watch the episode - it's on YouTube You can google "Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory police state" they yanked it, it never replayed - TruTV also scrubbed it from their site but apparently they put some of the videos back up, but all mention a references to HR-625 were pulled and apparently it's being scrubbed from people's DVRs - it was some powerful information and a lot of it covered fusion centers and, again, how they are going after activists but they are specifically targeting those whose choose to operate outside of the current system because they see those people as a threat to the status quo which is something that's iterated a lot in the "Zeitgeist Addendum" [Tyson]: And, also, if anyone wanted to catch you on the radio, you have a radio show as well, don' you? [John]: Yeah. Me and my buddy Jason Rink, we worked together with the Foundation for a Free Society and we recently started a radio show, it's called "Live Free Austin" and it's on 98.9 FM every Saturday from 3:00-4:00 PM We have great guests, we had the author Tom Woods, of "Nullification" and we just recently had a woman that does the backyard food production systems we try to get along with the same "liberate, activate, educate" perspective and give people the news, views, and tools they can use in order to live a more free and prosperous life so it's anything from food self-sufficiency - we got Jack Spirko of the Survival Podcast which preaches modern survivalism, which means you need to get prepared not just to prepare for a collapse, but, more importantly, because it's best to live in a self-sufficient, self-sustainable manner, with non-GMO organic foods and all that good stuff so we cover all that, basically cover the philosophy of liberty, and we also give calls to action for Texans for Accountable Government activism and local activism as well. And that's every Saturday from 3:00-4:00 PM on 98.9 FM and the website is and we have a bunch of great podcasts from the first 11 episodes that we've done - it's definitely good to check out. [Tyson]: Cool. Awesome, man. Thank you for being here. And, on my left, I've got Mr. Douglas Mallette No, wait - am I saying your last name correctly? [Douglas]: You are, yes. [Tyson]: Oh, cool. Fantastic. Doug, if you wouldn't mind giving a little introduction about yourself, I know that you are now the head of Technology Team of the Zeitgeist Movement - [Doug[: Correct. [Tyson]: As well, you have a website: that you - started? You're not the administrator of it, are you? [Doug]: Well, yes and no. Both. [Tyson0: I know you're a film maker, you made an amazing film called "Awakening" that was really inspiring for myself, thank you for doing that [Doug]: Appreciate it, thank you. [Tyson]: As well as "Our Technical Reality", which is on the show here, we show a "Tranformative Technology" segment which is pulled directly from your movie, which you so kindly uploaded to MegaUpload so anybody else could download it and re-upload it to their sites - thank you for doing that. You work for NASA - [Doug]: No. [Tyson]: No, no, no - you work for - please. [Doug]: I'm a systems engineer with the space shuttle program

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John Bush of and talks with Douglas Mallette, administrator of and creator of "Awakening" - - they discuss possible solutions to the coming collapse of the exploitative debt-centered paradigm. John stands for localization and competition between debt-free currencies, while Douglas illustrates the merits of a Resource Based Economy. Though these ideas appear oppositional at first, the conversation carries us into the beginnings of a workable transition model that could provide a nearly painless alternative to the myriad socioeconomic calamities that prevail today.

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