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Global warming for kids

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Very, very bad Very, very bad. You bad human. Do you know, why are you punched in the face? Ok, let me tell you. You are punished because you are causing Global Warming. Do you know what Global Warming is? But first, clean your tears. Take this hanky (Hankerchief).

To understand Global Warming, you firstly have to understand the Green House efect. Do you Know about the Green House efect? Oh, you are thinking about a house which is green. Don't act like a stupid. There are few gases in atmosphere. This are called Green House gases. These Green House Gases are good if they are in right quantity. These Green House Gases form a layer around the Earth. When rays of Sun come and hold on Earth, some of the are absorved (by Earth). But most of them reflect to the atmosphere These reflected rays which upper atmosphere. There Green House Gases take most of the heat from these rays. Some of the heat goes in the Space The heat captured by the Green House Gases spreads in every direction. This heat which have traped by Green House Gases helps to keep Earth warm. If the Sun is not stop by these Green House Gases the Earth would freeze and average temperature would be -18 degrees Celcius. So these gases are good for Earth's survival. Otherwise plants, animals and we, humans, would not live here. This stoping of Sun heat to keep Earth warm is called Green House Efect. So Green House Gases are good. The trap the heat so they help Earth to have warm temperature So then, we all can live here happily Do you what we, humans, are doing? We are increasing the amount of these gases. We have smoke coming out the vehicules smoke coming out of factories In this smoke there is a lot of methane, lot of carbon dioxide, Which are Green House gases Also, do you know trees and plants breathing carbon dioxide gas does reducing it from the atmosphere and keep a balance of Green House Gases But unfortunately we are cutting trees too and there are less plants to absorb Green House Gases But more cars and factories to increase these gases. When these Green House Gases bacame more and more in atmosphere the layar of these gases become more and more thick. So, when Sun rays come down and get reflected back by Earth They reach this thick layar of Green House Gases All this heat rays get trapped And nothing goes up in the Space. Temperature is increasing Earth is becoming warmer. This is called the Global Warming So, now you know why you get punched You, like all of us, are also responsible for Global Warming

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Posted by: daveprofe on Mar 22, 2014

Global warming understable for children

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